Hard to select forum on smartphone


When starting a new topic, it’s hard enough to select a forum that I frequently just give up on a new post.

All the scrolling and looking and not finding is not really user friendly and probably reduces the amount of new posts.

Maybe you can allow people to type the first few letters of a forum or find some way to makes it easier to select a forum.


I see what you mean. There’s nothing we could do about it on our end, but I’ll send this suggestion on to the software developers.


Or maybe have a default like Living in Taiwan.


How about putting the forums in alphabetical order or cutting down on number of categories. Seriously the longest and almost difficult part of posting a new topic is trying to find a category.


Here’s one suggestion. If you first select the forum from http://tw.forumosa.com/categories, and then click “+New Topic”, you might find things a bit easier.