Hardware stuff in Taiwan

Doesn’t the naming of some of the hardware items in Taiwan seems to confuse you, like why is lacquer thinner called “Banana water”? I mean I know they kinda smells like banana but I mean some kid sees it he’s gonna think its some kind of fruit juice!

Speaking of which, is it possible to buy lacquer thinner in Taiwan that evaporates slower than the kind I can find here? Try spraying lacquer sometimes and your lacquer blushes like crazy (blushing means you get white film in your paint coat because of high humidity, which Taiwan is famous for). I ended up going to a chemical store at tien shui street near the Taipei main station and got some Butyl cellosolve and Butyl Acetate which helped quite a bit with blushing. However it sure would be nice to find lacquer thinner that works out of the box…

The person who would be able to help you out the most is Jeremy from Bikefarm as he knows a lot of this stuff in Chinese or can find out.

Does anyone know how to say “penetrating oil” in Chinese? (The kind of oil with graphite in it that creeps into seized-up parts).

I don’t even know who this guy is… any store locations or contact info?