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Richard, is there somewhere online to read your China Post columns? I usually read the Times and forget to buy the Post on Fridays.

Regarding freelancing in Taiwan -----

I have written an article which touches on this topic. It appears in today’s CHINA POST, Prime Time Section.


Richard W. Hartzell
2001.11.02 Friday
Taipei, Taiwan

Regarding the One China policy -----

I have written a three-part series of articles which delve into the many contradictions and paradoxes of this policy. Part 1 appears in today’s CHINA POST, Prime Time Section, November 9th.

Part 2 will appear on November 16th, and Part 3 on November 23rd.

An important “hidden point” of these articles is to note that to date no one has come up with a complete list of all the pros and cons, yeses and nos, etc. of this One China policy. This is definitely something that needs to be made available in an English-Chinese bilingual edition and posted on the internet. We need a “One China policy debate” Master List.

See my article about “Open Work Permits” in the China Post, Prime Time section, Friday, April 19, 2002.

So is there anywhere online where we can read the columns? I didn’t buy my copy of the Post today and Open Work Permits sound like something I’d like to read up on.

Perhaps Richard could do like http://www.useit.com/alertbox/ where the author has a complete archive of his articles. Or he could stick them on oriented.org. Maybe if there is some copy/right problem maybe he could tell the boss he will stick them on oriented.org 2 days after their paper publication or something. Anyways, anything I write I maintain final control of thru the http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/gpl.html license.

Anyways, if Richard were able to repost his own works, he would reach many folks not within easy access of a China Post, e.g., outside of Taiwan, or in rural Taiwan. Also past articles would be a mere click away, instead of a trip to the library… anyway, I’d say the current set up is just plain “non competitive”. Better get your e-act together before some other leading brand foreigner takes your place :slight_smile:

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Please be sure to read my article in the CHINA POST on April 26, 2002, Friday.

Save a tree, read it online. It’s free.

I didn’t see Mr. Hartzell’s column online though.

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I am continuing my discussion of International Humanitarian Law and US Army Field Manual 27-10 in the CHINA POST today, Prime Time section.

You mean that part on how certain sections of FM 27-10 are CIA codewords for SFPT?!! :shock: :!: That stuff is classified~Richard. :wink: Even the CIA can’t decipher it :!:

See the print edition of the CHINA POST, Prime Time section, today September 27.

Interesting column by Hartzell in CHINA POST Prime Time today, Friday

Very interesting article, but I’m not sure what a Taiwanese boss would consider “fair” ? Can you clarify this, Richard ? My old boss had a pretty creative way of calculating pay deductions if you took time off, I forgot the exact numbers, somehow he worked out that we work 20 days a month, so took off 1/20th of a day’s pay. But I seem to remember it was worse than that. He also conveniently calculated my holidays down to Zero. He was a lying git whose staff left in droves and now he’s going (gone?) bust.

I don’t think any Taiwanese is going to win the Nobel prize for mathematics for the obvious reason.