Harvard, Tufts, UVM Scientists Create Living Robots from Frogs

What a time to be alive. Imagine what they will come up with in the coming decades.


Keep telling me how evolution isn’t teleological.

The robots, which are called “xenobots” after Xenopus laevis — an African clawed frog species whose cells were used in their creation — were designed using an “evolutionary algorithm” on a supercomputer.

“”the computer (an evolutionary algorithm) performs a trial and error process, creating and simulating millions of virtual creatures.””

And here we go into the next generation of Intelligent species, soon to eliminate useless humans. Let’s just sit back and watch what happens.


Sure. Just because people are able to perform an analog of some natural process, doesn’t mean it has to have been guided.

Result is baked in the algorithm. There’s no need for guidance.

That is guidance.

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Fine, if you want to define it like that.

So was there guidance in creating the xenobots?

Fine, if you want to define it like that.

If someone has “baked” intentions into an algorithm to achieve a result, then it simply is guidance. It’s not a question of my definition.

Yes there was, don’t you think so?

Have you read Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins?