Has anyone ever used Shopee TW app? I need help regarding the free delivery promo


In the video, you clearly can see that, except for 7-11, all supermarkets provide no shipping fee if I spend more than $99/$199/etc. And as an example, I tried to purchase 20 shirts worth $1700, and all of them still charge $60 for the delivery fee.

Is this a bug or did I misread the terms and conditions? I’ve tried on other shops & products that offer a free delivery service and they still charged me. It’s also not about the amount because I also tried spending just above the minimum amount and still got charged.

Oh and does anyone know what is “賣家宅配”? Is it home delivery? Because that’s not an option for me =(

By the way, the names & the phone numbers in the video are fake.

The thing you’re probably missing is that you first need to claim the free delivery vouchers and then apply them to your order.

The vouchers can be a bit hard to find sometimes, but you generally need to click on the appropriate banner ad on the homepage (for the website) or the “free” button at the top of the page (in the app), scroll down to the vouchers, and press the “claim” button. You should then be able to apply them to the order, assuming it meets the conditions.

Here’s a screenshot from the website:

And the app:

Which should take you to a screen like this, where you can claim the vouchers (they seem to issue new ones regularly, so have to do this every time):

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I claimed those two and got this:

Do they only apply to certain products/stores?

The only time I’ve seen that is when ordering something that can’t be shipped to a convenience store, e.g., when it has to go by courier or regular mail, so the shipping vouchers aren’t applicable. Does that apply in your case?

You should be able to see the range of available shipping options on the product page. Not every seller/product can use every possible shipping option, e.g., for bulky/heavy items or stuff shipped from China.

Those look like coupons for a specific store. You need the ones specifically for free shipping from Shopee. Also, it depends on if you have spent enough at a specific store to get the discount at that store.
How do you have Shopee in English?

The app can be set to English, presumably because it was just ported over from the Singaporean/Malaysian/Philippine versions of Shopee. It’s not completely in English, though - maybe 80-90%, but the main parts are.

I think I had to download the apk version of the app to install it, as I couldn’t install it from Google Play (although that might just be the settings on my phone).

I finally figured out how to switch to English on Shopee.TW

Desktop Web Browser


Mobile App

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Interesting - I guess that’s a very new feature for the website. I’ve had the app set to English for years, but don’t think that option was available on the website until very recently.

It wasn’t a feature until very recently. At this point I am just used to the Chinese. It has been a feature of Shopee TH for a long time.

I usually look at stuff on my computer with the Chinese version (because tabs) then order from the app on my phone (because the English version makes it a bit easier to apply vouchers, choose the delivery option, etc.)…but even the English version is only maybe 70-80% English, not including product descriptions of course, so it doesn’t make a big difference in either case IMO.

I reckon it would be most helpful in the sellers centre and help areas.

I haven’t checked the sellers center, but IIRC most of the help stuff in the English version of the app is in Chinese anyway haha

Is shopee.tw down for anyone else?

Nope. Not down. For the vouchers: some are store vouchers, others are platform vouchers. Not every vendor or product accepts vouchers. It’s a crap shoot sometimes as even those that do accept vouchers specify price/location/payment/etc. conditions, in Chinese. At times, the advertising isn’t very ‘accurate’ for free shipping or other vouchers or at least it can be quite difficult to determine initially if you are getting a useful voucher or not. Good luck.