Has anyone here had any experience with NTNU'S MTC's supplementary culture classes?

I’m just starting at the MTC this week and we have the option to sign up for supplementary culture classes for a additional fee of $4,500 NT ($150 USD). There are a few that seem interesting to me, like calligraphy, Chinese tea, Pracitcal Taiwanese, Chinese cuisine, and a class on Zhuyin Fuhao. I’m just wondering if anyone has taken any of these classes and what your experience with them was like. Were they worth the fee, were they enjoyable? :smiley: Thanks!

Meh. I found them an almost complete waste of time, with the only exception being the pronunciation class, which you did not list but was available during my time at MTC (in the Jurassic).

Ah, that’s too bad. Did the pronunciation class just focus on pinyin or was is the bopomofo system or was it something more intense? Because I think I have pinyin pretty down pat.

It used to be based on PinYin, but it really is a pronunciation class: in other words, they were not trying to make you memorize what sounds correspond to what pinyin, rather they would force you to repeat words until you got the tones indelibly recorded into your brain. The students of that class could be heard all over the MTC. It sound like some sort of blasphemous choir (“ai”, “ou”, “zhiiiii”, spoke in unison by 20 people in a loud voice, for two hours. If this can’t raise Cthulhu I don’t know what will), but it turned out to be quite useful.

For bopomofo there was a separate, not quite so useful class.