Has anyone used an international driving permit?

I want to use my IDP from the UK to drive in Taiwan. It says on the website I need to bring my passport and arc, but I’m not a resident here, just on an entry free visa.

Has anyone else had the same scenario?

yes, i have, its not a problem.

oh that’s good to know! Thank you

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Just remember it’s only valid for one year form entering the country.

You can drive for one month after entry on it, to continue using after that it needs to be stamped at the DMV, you’ll likely need an ARC for that part unless you get a sympathetic/could give a/idiot at the counter. The one month after entry resets every time you enter.

If you get stopped by the police for any reason you will probably be OK without the stamp however you would be breaking the law. If you have an accident and your insurance company looks into the details your insurance may be invalid if you do not have a valid license.

Rules change all the time so go to your nearest DMV and check with them, then go to a different one and check for consistency of answer, probably best do a third one too and send a local after you to check what they’re told, read the DMV website and then send them an email and check if/what they reply, them call them, then have someone else email and call them…

TLDR: Get a stamp in the IDP and you’re good for a year, otherwise you take your chances


This is a bit tricky. I have paid the 8000nt fine before, assuming that.

Check specifically where your international license is from, because taiwan likes to pick and choose laws to be reciprocal with. This is often 1 of them.

An example. my international license had 5 years left on it. I had a ticket and went to pay. They said I dont have a license. went home to get the international, and they said although it is canada every province has different regulations (drivers licenses are done by province in canada). As such, at least at that time, BC allowed Taiwanese 30 days to drive there and we were only allowed 30 days here based on that reciprocal thing. I thought the driving permit date was what mattered. Not.

We argued, they argued, then they brought up their laws and they had a chart for canada, and there it was…30 days. farck.

That was a long time ago, one would hope it is more streamlined now. But I just bring it up in case it isnt and people can save 8k. 6k on scooter…yes, double farck.

Its from the UK as per original post, so only valid for one year (unless they changed it this year with the other changes). also so far as I know the uk only issues 1 year IDP, well thay did when I had mine.

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It’s only valid to use in Taiwan for 30 days after entry unless registered at the DMV. Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office > Services > Driving License > Management of Driving License > Apply to Register Your International Driving Permit (IDP)

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Yes should have added after registration, when registered mine i asked about motorcycle (50 to 249cc) and that said no, but others have said its ok. I didn’t use it for long and took the tests to get my Taiwan licences. Never got stopped while driving a car so never had to show it, but been stopped a couple times on the scooter for spot checks or random breath tests.