Has Anyone Used Skrill to Send Money Home?


I have seen this service advertised here on Forumosa and see that they deal with NTD. Just wondering if anyone has used it successfully to send money back home. I am tired of paying around $50 USD every time I need to send money home.

I have attempted contacting them and they are hard to get a hold of. They have a phone number but say it’s for emergencies only or something like that. Anyway, if anyone has used this service successfully to send money back home, please let me know. Thanks.




I just looked at it, the exchange rates are pretty poor…for example, if sending money from the UAE to the UK you lose 6% in the exchange plus you pay the transfer fee. I’m not sure where you are sending money to, but the United States did not come up as an option when I looked.


You can definitely send money to the US and TWD is one of the currencies you can use on the site.


I don’t know what you mean by send money back home but I use Skrill all the time cause I play poker. They are legit, they were formerly known as “Moneybookers”.

If you are going from NT to USD or USD to NT, then you’ll get raped by the exchange rates.


This is mostly because NTD is not a fully convertible currency, not widely accepted… so exchange rates outside Taiwan are exorbitant. Just change it here first.


The problem I have is that I need to send money home every so often. I have to pay 3 different banks to handle the conversion. The exchange rate I get here is not really much of an issue, it is the banking fees. 400 NT to pay the bank here, and then $25 taken from an intermediary bank and then $20 USD from my own bank for the wire fee transfer. It adds up to over $50 USD each time I send money home. Before I was doing this just 3-4 times a year, but now that I have some other school related expenses, I will probably need to do it a few more times each year, adding up to hundreds of USD each year just to send money home. I need to find a better way. How bad are the exchange rates on Skrill? Are there any other less expensive methods to send money back home?


Can you not pay those using a credit card?

EDIT: what i mean is, use a Taiwanese credit card to make payments in the US


I was wondering if anyone on this forum is using Skrill and has a Skrill card. Please pm, I have some funds in my Skrill account that I want to withdraw out urgently and was hoping to work out an arrangement by meeting up and paying anyone who can help a fee.