Has Renault solved the ignition coil misery?

Renault is known for it’s ignition coil problem. This has been on going for some time.

Has Renault finally resolved the issue ?

The Megane Hatchback still looks gorgeous. Is this model known for its ignition coil problem too ?

oh so its a renault thing…ours acts up from time to time.

That’s what Renaults are supposed to do, otherwise the French would have long been out of jobs.

The Megane is an odd/nice sort of looking car. It would be nicer if it was not made by the French though.
Try having a look at how you change the headlight bulbs on one next time you see one. :roflmao: And don’t forget your trolley jack and wheel wrench.
The Megane was the first Euro NCAP 5 star rated car in the world. That was pretty much all it had going for it though I’m afraid. Once again this car is best suited to its homeland, and best not used in Taiwan. Comparatively bloody expensive to buy here, maintain here and it NEEDS maintaining by a man with an alien set of tools and four feet long fully flexible arms and who shows no temper at all.

My first car was a maegane coupe 1.6e, not bad looking but i hated it for being so slow :frowning:
Only reason i had it was because of the low insurance cost (in the uk) i couldnt get insured on anything else, anyway racked up 2 years no claims and went and bought something better afterwards.
In the 2 years i thrashed it and miss shifted as a learner, it never EVER let me down, i must of put close to 10,000miles on her without a proper service…one of the rare ones i guess.

What Car 2005 Reliability chart

One unhappy customer

And another

And Honest John says:

[quote]What’s Bad
Variable ratio steering weights up heavily on cornering and front suspension clonks a bit.

Love it or loathe it styling of the hatchbacks has resulted in a loss of boot space, down to 330 litres.

Front passengers need to be careful not to push their feet too hard into the footwell or they may push the end of the brake pedal mechanism and apply the brakes.

Drivers suffered parking brake and electrical problems within 6 weeks of the car going on sale. One reviewer suffered a mysterious serious engine vibration and the accelerator pedal falling off due to a misplaced circlip both the same week. Seems that water gets into fusebox of early cars and causes havoc. Renault has a sealing kit. Later cars not affected.

Holds water in doors until they’re opened, especially the rear, then they empty. Potential future rust spots? (Put a rain coat on when lifting the boot lid, it also holds the water.)

Headlights prone to blowing their bulbs. Very difficult to replace, even following instructions to access them via the wheelarch.

Only 88% of cars up to 2 years old breakdown-free over previous 12 months in 2004 Which? survey and only 80% in 2006 Which? survey.

10th from bottom in 2007 UK J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey with 75.3% score.[/quote]

Tut. Tut. Tut. :no-no:

Doesn’t Renault Sole Agent in Taiwan have a service center ?

hahaha i forgot about one thing.
The handbrake mysteriously broke while engaged and rolled into the carpark gate where i lived, i wasnt around at the time and residents had to push the car back up the slope and rest it on bricks as it was blocking entry/exit!.
To this day nobody believes that it did it itself :fume:

That was the only fault.

ONLY??? :astonished: Lucky you had a gate in the way.