Havana 13 (哈瓦那 2014): 最終場The GRAND FINALE (Saturday Sept 13)

再次感謝您讓 #哈瓦那2014 成為史上最棒、總是排滿了泳池派對的一個夏天。

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your amazingness all summer long. We had a little idea that we thought could be amazing, and YOU, the people, have done just that. Thanks so much for making #havana2014 the best summer full of pool parties ever.

We will have cold drinks at TWO BARS. We will have amazing music from 7 DJs. We will have smiles and hugs and laughing creating GOOD VIBES all day long. This is it. The grandest of the grand finales.

免費的啤酒由中午12點到下午2點無限量供應,自此開啟您在 #哈瓦那2014 池畔美好的一天。
Grab your friends and come early. Enjoy the free beer from 12pm-2pm. Then, stay all day for the goodness that is #havana2014

如果您有生日派對或任何聚會(單身 派對、告別派對等等),非常歡迎您與我們聯絡,我們可以計畫一些特別的活動在泳池一起舉辦。

*If you are having a birthday or a gathering (bachelorette/bachelor party, going away party), feel free and contact us about having something special done if you celebrate the party with us.

我們貼心為大家錄下了極佳的現場泳池音樂,像是Dave Nada, DJ Rasp, Tommy P, FREEKWENCY 等等,持續更新在https://soundcloud.com/thefroginasock

We are recording a lot of the mixes and some great ones including Dave Nada, DJ Rasp, and Tommy P, Freekweency and will keep adding more at soundcloud.com/thefroginasock

For the 8th year running, frog in a sock will be hosting pool parties all summer long.

Cool down all day, stay hot all night
結束寒冷的季節,迎接熱情的夏天 台北的原創

$300 entrance


Drink specials all day!

Providing the best music from Taipei and abroad
提供來自台北和國外最好的音樂 洛德城堡

PAEZ Taiwan has been a great sponsor this year. Thanks to them
facebook.com/pages/Paez-Tai … ?ref=br_tf

Special thanks to Pioneer Taiwan for the CDJ-2000 & DJM-900nxs at the party. Pioneer DJ Products are the industry standard for Professional DJs.

特別鳴謝 先鋒 Pioneer DJ Taiwan 贊助提供最新專業DJ器材CDJ2000與DJM900

Special thanks to Babi Corp for the support

And thanks for the great support from YoungCheers

Location in the heart of Taipei (4 minute walk from Guanguan MRT)

Road Castle Water Theme Park
Ln. 160, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100,

Walk from Gongguan Exit 1 to Tingzhou Road Section 3 Alley 160. Walk straight towards the big windmill and enter the fun!


Last one we had a great zumba class

a flashmob for our friend who is going away

a whole lotta sexiness

fun for the family

a jam packed dancefloor

and more. come this week! LAST ONE OF THE YEAR. then you won’t get these posts anymore!

Here’s a video we made of the video of the Grand Finale (even with drone footage). It was a great time and thanks to everyone for coming out all summer long