Have Netflix account from America? You're overpaying double!

Netflix likes to remove your USA shows while still charging you USA rates. Sketchy, I know.

To get NTD rates (310NTD/mo for 4k+HDR, compared to $18/mo American rates – yes, you can still use your American cards to pay):

  1. Cancel your sub - you’ll still save everything, no worries.
  2. Resub - you’ll be charged 1/2.

Even if you move back to USA, as long as you don’t cancel, you’ll still retain this rate!

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If you sign in on Taiwan and connect to it via VPN to the US, will you still be geolocked to the Taiwan or non-US library?

Netflix restricts content based on ip, not where the account is from. Netflix can detect a lot of VPNs though; I had no luck with PIA, but nord works for me.

ExpressVPN doesn’t work anymore - their detection is too good. Taiwan recently had some new partners - you’ll be surprised what’s on Netflix Taiwan. There’s only like 1 or 2 that’s USA only that affected me.

ExpressVPN works.
Pick a city / state not on the West coast. If that doesn’t work, then contact ExpressVPN support. They will tell you which city to pick. Also, don’t access Netflix from an app on your phone or computer. Use an internet browser and make sure you are not signed into that internet browser.

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