Have they created the monthly metro pass system yet?


"A price range from NT$1,500-2,000 for the monthly pass have been speculated by many people. Some experts suggested NT$800 would be best as it would be attractive for both commuters and non-commuters. "

I seldom spend more that NT$1000, hardly NT$1500.

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Nor do most users. This was already discussed, the monthly rates they proposed were way more than almost anyone would pay under the existing system, even regular commuters. It was just stupid.
This may be why there hasn’t been any further progress since last fall.


I may not use 1500 just commuting but I use the card for paying stuff like snacks, magazines, or even at stores. hence, a monthly pass for that amount or less wouldn’t be attractive.

Who is their target market? College kids or high school kids, cash strapped and with parents taht control every cent?

One-way fare from a terminal of a line to a terminal of a different line, such as Xinden/Nangang. to Tamsui, is 40-52NTD, so daily commute will be close to or more than 2000NTD/month. If they need bus ride to/from MRT station, it can be more.

One way fare between Keelong and Zoo is ~60NTD, between Quanji Temple/Ruifang and Taipei is ~70/100NTD, between Jinshan and Taida is >100NTD.

Some people are doing such commute, so they are target?

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Sure, but really, people with that user profile can only be a small percentage of everyone who uses it.

I don’t know how many people are coming in Taipei from those areas by cars or scooters everyday.

IF they made it like one thousand , including Youbike and buses, then Taiwanese would take public transport all the time because they are cheap

This is what they should do, but probably won’t, because the MRT corporation is perfectly happy for the MRT to be profitable (makes them look great), and the government is too stingy to force them to operate it at a loss like they should because it is a public service.

They should do two passes.

  1. A “systemwide” pass for about $1200, which covers, obviously, the whole system unlimited. This would be the best option for those commuting long distances. Currently, someone going from Danshui to Taipei Main station & back each day pays $1600/month. The absolute maximum someone could be paying currently to commute is $2080 (e.g. Danshui to Taipei Zoo), and there are likely very, very few people who do this.

  2. A “commuter” pass for those commuting shorter distances, priced at $600/month. Currently, someone going from Zhongshan to Taipei 101 & back each day pays $800/month. You would set your home station and be able to travel unlimited within the NT$25 fare zone from your home station (about 5-6 stops). Outside the NT$25 fare zone, you would have to pay the difference.

If they charge much more than this, it will not get people off their scooters & out of their cars.

If they include other benefits, e.g. free YouBike for 30 mins and/or free bus transfer from MRT & better yet, free bus to bus transfer, they could push those prices a few hundred NT higher each, e.g. to $1400/$800.

What will actually happen is they will release one pass for $1500, and about 1% of existing MRT commuters will buy it. Exactly zero scooter commuters will buy it.


Does not have to be that far. My neighbor scooters to her job here from Mucha because the bus/mrt combo is inconvenient and takes 3 times longer.

Xindian/Nangang there are buses at peak times. If you miss the bus…take a taxi because by mrt you won’t make it to work on time.

BTW, train fares are ridiculous. One way to Xidu is 12 NTD. Like half an hour ride.

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I don’t even think they will operate at a loss. Taipei MRT occupancy rates are way too low for a major city.

And then they’ll say, “Oh, but we already tried that! There just isn’t enough demand for it, and you know, Supply & Demand is the key!” :wall:

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Interstingly, I was reading that Seoul commuters will get free rides on Mondays from the government in order to reduce the particulates in the air.

They would die here before doing that. Heck, the officials proposing that would be thrown off the top of Taipei 101.

Seoul has way higher occupancy on public transport anyway.

Just make parking a car and scooter more expensive and reduce the number of parking space. Make public transport cheaper. There you go… cleaner air.

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When Guangzhou hosted the Asian Games in 2010, public transit was supposed to be free for one week. On the first day, the lines to get in to the metro were so long that people just gave up. Iirc they canceled it after the first day and said people with GZ hukou could get vouchers for free travel later.

You got that right.

1500NT/month? I pay 499NT/month for unlimited mileage on my scoots. A common commute is Sanchong to Xinyi 101 area or Neihu Software Park and I can assure you, they aren’t paying too much for gas. It’s roughly a 5-8km trip. On a 125cc, they are filling up gas once a week for roughly 100-130NT.

Take a rough estimate and you’re looking at under 500NT a month for gas.

No wonder the air is so bad. At those prices, you would be silly to take a bus

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/18/nyregion/driving-manhattan-congestion-traffic.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news New York is bringing in a congestion charge. How amazing and sensible would it be if Taipei did the same and used the money to subsidize monthly passes?

Add to that days and money lost for accidents and hospital stay.

High probability, but not a monthly set cost.