Have you been treated without justice by the court system in Taiwan?

I once came across with a blog of an American (or maybe a different national) about how he/she was treated with great injustice by the court system in Taiwan. I can’t re-google that blog. I believe there must be more similar victims.

I just found that blog. pow3hatan-warrior4justice.blogspot.tw/

Taiwanese Justice and the Courts here,certainly seem to have a different set of criteria ,to decide the “Law”. I am sure they are fair and just ,sometimes,however my opinion of most of the Legal profession is that , The wheel is spinning,but the Hampster is dead.

I kind of read trough that post, but couldn’t get a clear description of what had actually happened.

This is what I understood so far.
A teacher was laid off because he allegedly sexually harassed one of his female students.
The teacher claims totaling over NT$700,000, including one-year salary and NT$100,000 moral damage compensation.

Years ago, I had an accident while training at an Alexander Gym.
The machine I was working out at had a rusty wire which ripped letting me drop about 120cm and hitting some really hard steel.
The gym’s management right away tried to enter the ambulance and join the ride, however I kicked them out. She was holding in her hand something that looked like a recording device.
Minutes later, they appeared at the hospital and wanted to join my examination. I refused this and told them to respect my right of privacy. I also told the doctor that if he disclosed any of my medical conditions, I’d sue him and the hospital.
Later they came with a basket of food which I rejected and I told them to leave. Meanwhile, my wife went back to the gym taking pictures and securing witnesses.
The next three days, my phone rang about every 20 minutes.
We went to the consumer association in Taipei asking for legal assistance.
There I talked to a lawyer and showed her my injuries. At first, they kind of agreed helping me. When I, however told them that I intended to sue for 500 000NT$ compensation, they stopped talking to me and showed me the door.

Next day, we went to a lawyer and asked him if he could take care of our case and how much he’ll charge per visit, letter, etc.
I asked him, what’s the highest reasonable amount of money someone could claim in cord for this. He agreed that 500 000 would be the most I could get but still reasonable.
I told my lawyer that I had some contract-insurance covering my legal expenses and that after calling the insurance company, things were looking good.

My lawyer then contacted the other party and told them my demands.
After three days, my wife and I decided to increase the pressure, so we went to the courthouse filing a suit.
We filed for severe negligence. We downloaded the maintenance manual from the machine’s company website, printed the pictures, and pointed out that this cable had to be checked every week.
Since that cable was rusty, this was obviously never done.

Next day our lawyer called… what have you done?
My wife… you are too slow.
Next day, my lawyer called and told me that the offer was 200 000NT$.
I asked him, how much do I have to pay you? He said 10 000NT$
I said ok, put your whatever pay on top of the 200 000, and so it was done.

Month later we got a letter from the cord house, even though we had removed our case, they still took the time to judge the case.
According to this paper the judge completely agreed with us.

Six month later, Alexander gym went bankrupt.

To the OP. 800 000NT$
Your claims have to be reasonable, and you got to play poker, keeping most of your cards hidden in your hands.

I don’t know, but I’m going to find out pretty soon.