Have you ever bought anything off shopee.tw?

The problem with shopee is that you cant add your full name. They only allow 11 characters which is so stupid.

I think 11 characters is quite generous for Taiwan actually…

I thought the bigger issue was with the character limits for the delivery partners (7-11, Family Mart, etc.). I usually just fill in as much of my name as it’ll accept and then…screw it, see what happens. So I’m usually picking up parcels for “Andre” or even “Andr”. Haven’t had a problem yet with collecting items yet though.

Just pretend you are playing an original NES game and you have an 8 character limit… which is why in Final Fantasy 4 Meteor is called Meteo.

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Unless it’s a parcel delivery you have to pick up at the post office, the kind where they leave a card in your mailbox with your name on it, or if it’s purchase you paid for in advance, you don’t need to use a real name. When you pay in advance, they do check IDs, but I’ve used a transliterated Chinese name with my English name on my ARC and that always passes. For deliveries, they just hand it to whoever answers the door and scribbles on their pad. For convenience store pick-ups, they just need the last three digits of your phone number. They’ll ask you if the name on it is your name but just nod to whatever they show you and pay.

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Meteo is only 5 characters.

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the idea is you get creative with abbreviating stuff…

Bahamut -> Baham
Midgardsormr -> Midgarsmr
Thunder -> Lit
Thundara -> Lit2

Have used it numerous times over the past year and not had any problems. Always used the COD option to pay at my local 7-11 or family mart. Check the rating of the seller and buyer feedback before buying.

Does Shopee work if I have an ARC instead of a genuine citizen validatable not-a-foreigner Taiwan ID number?

How does the “money transfer” option work? Do I just go to a bank ATM and punch in some account numbers they send me, or is it something else? It doesn’t look like they do iBon, which is what I use for PCHome.

So sick of the ridiculous price-gouging here in Taiwan. A shop wants NT$5,000 for something that sells on Amazon for US$10, or US$8 if I get a Chinese knockoff equivalent part.

Pay cash on Delivery at 7-11

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I made dozens of purchases. Problems arose only If I haven’t read explanation (in Chinese) thoroughly. Overall, it’s satisfactory! Give it a shot.

Previously I used both Ruten and Shopee, but right now I find everything I need on the later.

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It depends on the seller. They usually offer different payment methods:

  1. Pay after delivery
    a)to nearby 7-1 or FM
    b)to your home address
  2. Payment through ATM
  3. Debit or Credit card payment
  4. Shoppe wallet (in which you have to deposit money first)

First option is most convenient one, though a fraction of sellers do not offer it.

Ten character limit for full English name–how generous of them! My family name itself has 15 characters (it’s hyphenated) :idunno:

I’m glad my Chinese name is printed on my ARC

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I just use my first name and last initial and it’s fine, even for prepaid packages. For COD pickups they don’t even check ID, but recently they’ve started asking for a name.

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Shopee isnt , scam, but some of thw people selling are. Same with all platforms i just found out its Chinese owned so i stopped supporting them.

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There are also a lot of Taobao shills. People selling items they do not have on hand, but you must wait 2 weeks before you see your items. It’s also hard to avoid because they’re so pervasive now. What gets me is the 300% markup you have to pay for it, when I could just order the item off of Taobao myself.


I’ve had good experiences with Shopee. One time they delivered to 7-11 and I picked it up. The other time I ordered a table, it didn’t quite fit, and I returned it for a full refund. Though the merchant has to accept the reasons for return.

Ya, for sure. But not unique to shopee. Its been happening globally for a couple decades. Lots of people made bank back in the ebay days!

Nothing says i love you like slave labor and genocide!

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If paying 300% for a low cost item means you can get it in a couple of days rather than wait 2 weeks, it’s worth it. But a lot of these guys are literally drop shipping. They hold no inventory until an order is made. You can tell when they have over 100k items they are listing. Probably with a bot.

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Exactly. I just find it very ironic that people buy made in China mostly due to price, and hey pay double. Funding Evil and not even saving money (most of the time)…

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The comments about sellers just buying direct from Taobao,
jacking the price up a ton, and then drop shipping, are spot on.

I tried just ordering direct from Taobao, but that ended up being a logistical pain in the rear! It took almost 2 months and a TON of back and forth emailing / help chat to finally get everything. The problem was consolidating the various deliveries and then getting the real name verification done outside of that damn EZway app.

Shopee saves you all that trouble if you are willing to pay the markup price.

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