Have you ever bought anything off shopee.tw?

Just curious if anyone here has bought anything off of https://shopee.tw and if it was a good experience. I tried purchasing stuff off another site and was scammed NT$400. Parcel never came. So, not a big loss, but curious if this one is any better or if people generally like it. Thank you much in advance!

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Hit and miss. Most stuff is from China. I’ve had a couple bad purchases and a few good. I try to avoid shoppee and use Momoshop or PCHome instead.

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Total scam! I bought a XXXL T-shirt and it was children’s size…


Hmm…Yah, the item I purchased which never arrived was out of China, too.

I’ve recently bought table tennis stuff on there and all was fine and was from Taiwan sellers and genuine product. Bought some rose water too and was the real deal. I bought some fairly cheap HTC headphones for 700NT that got some static sound after about 2 months and of course couldn’t do much about that.

I think the key point if on Shopee or Ebay is don’t trust china sources.

I did sell some stuff on there too. A Dyson hairdryer and also a used Ikea sofa and luckily no issues with buyers either.

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If it’s Taiwan source then maybe they are the same as Ruten. If it’s China source you are better off going with Taobao. At least Taobao holds the money in escrow and can deal with problems. As for quality, you are safe if you are going with Chinese brand but any foreign branded items are 99.9% fake. You have been warned.

Also lots of TW sellers are literally buying stuff off of Taobao and marking the item up by at least 200%, and they are even shameless enough to leave all the simplified Chinese advertisements on. Better off buying the exact same item from Taobao and even if you get taxed it’s still less than the markup. I’m trusting TW sellers less and less.


It’s Taiwanese Triple XL :rofl:


Taiwanese size is much smaller than American sizes, and I often have to scale it up 1 or even 2 sizes up (to account for shrinkage).

Here’s a size chart…

Taiwanese size chart:

If you want American 3XL size you need Taiwanese 5XL size.

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Yeah, I use it all the time and have never had an issue (or at least one that wasn’t easily solved - I’ve returned a defective blender, for example, and complained to sellers about missing items, which they sent out again, both of which were easy to resolve).

I’ve never used PCHome or Momoshop, but I definitely prefer Shopee to Ruten (which I find the interface for really confusing). Shopee also has an English app, which is convenient sometimes. And there are usually vouchers for free or cheaper delivery.

I usually order from sellers in Taiwan, tend to avoid sellers in China, and you should of course check the seller/item ratings and reviews. I’ve always just done cash on delivery, so I don’t need to pay anything if the item (or at least an item) doesn’t arrive.

In addition to the review system, there are protections in place so that the money isn’t released to the seller until you accept the order (or until a certain time limit after collection, if you don’t accept the order manually), and you also have the option to raise a complaint with Shopee if there’s an issue the seller can’t or won’t resolve (I’ve only done that once, or at least my girlfriend has on my account, for some shoes from China that were the wrong size and we returned, just for them to sit in Guangzhou customs for 10 weeks - we got a refund in the end, and a month later also the unwanted shoes, although it was a minor hassle. Shopee customer service seemed fine though).

I think that’s an Asia problem/user error, tbh, rather than a scam… :roll_eyes:


There is an option to pay in cash when you collect the parcel.


Next thing will be an Asian Big Mac. They even turned the Double Quarter Pounder into some weird Angus burger. Total scam!


I go back and forth between Shopee and Ruten. Shopee is easier to use and better for discovery, but Ruten has more products and a wider variety. Many of Ruten’s sellers are also well established and you can see who to trust better while some on Shopee come and go. Shopee does have a lot of cheap things from China, but I’ve never had a problem receiving anything. I rarely buy anything that isn’t shipped to 7-11 so I don’t pay for it until it arrives. If it’s never sent, you can cancel it on Ruten and Shopee automatically cancels after a set amount of time.

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I’ve used Shopee frequently and with 95% satisfaction. My tips:

  • search for items/shops that can be paid for by credit card (you have the option to release the funds only after the order is confirmed as received and you’re satisfied)
  • order enough from a shop to get the option of free or reduced shipping
  • naturally, buy from local TW shops
  • use the chat function to get more details before you buy or to follow up on an order

Happy Shopeeing!


Wouldn’t this restrict your options a lot? You can get the same thing using cash on delivery, which I think is more widely accepted than credit cards.

I don’t think free or reduced shipping is dependent on how many times you order from a particular shop, is it? I usually just use the free shipping vouchers, of which there seem to be about 2-4 per month, and I seldom order from the same shop multiple times.

I bought a Lego Land Rover Defender and it was a great purchase.

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My wife both buys and sells stuff all the time on Shopee (and, as a Taiwanese person, always chooses the cheapest shipping option which usually means the dreaded Hi-Life 10 minutes from our house instead of the 711 right on the corner).

Overall I haven’t noticed any large issues – the only item I can remember being disappointed by was a $60NTD shower-head that broke after the first use (but also, for $60NTD I don’t know that my expectations where that high).

I’d just treat it like eBay and make sure the person has good reviews and is local if possible. I just bought a 2nd hand graphics card (RX580) for $3000NTD and it arrived in great shape and I have no complaints.

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I seem to remember almost buying one of those (or a similar model, maybe) a while back - there seemed to be quite a few of them on Shopee at the time. The thing that put me off was that they all seemed to have been used for crypto mining, so heavy use for extended periods (I did confirm this with a couple of the sellers). Do you reckon that’s an issue?

(I don’t do anything particularly heavy with my computer, and it’s second hand and quite old - I’ve just noticed some issues with my multiple monitors, which gives me the impression the current graphics card may be on its way out.)

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I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks so we’ll see how it does – but so far it’s holding pretty steady! That was a concern of mine too, but from my understanding as long as they are not literally burning themselves out from being overclocked there isn’t much difference between running a graphics card at 100% all of the time versus just leaving your computer on all the time.

And for $100USD I was willing to take the risk – the other option was a new 5700XT for $300USD from PCHome but I wasn’t quite ready to make that commitment yet and also didn’t need that kind of power (I’m on a mac with an eGPU so am stuck with AMD).

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Yeah, I also read somewhere that continuous sustained use is preferable to “normal” intermittent use (with the associated heating and cooling cycles). And you’re right - it’s quite a bit price difference so probably worth the risk. The current card seems to be mostly holding up at the moment, but I still haven’t completely given up on the idea of buying one (although it would add about 50% to the value of the computer haha, so I’m a bit reluctant to make any upgrades since it probably doesn’t have much life left in it).

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Their sizes are so weird got a pair of pants in medium cause I thought their sizes are smaller and it was huge probably xl