Have You Had This Type of ATM Problem?

Trying to withdraw cash with from a Taiwan bank machine inside a convenience store using an overseas ATM card. The machine does not dispense cash, but the transaction is credited against your account.

The transaction is approved, ATM machine attempts to dispense cash and you can hear the money being released into the drawer. Then an error occurs and there is a very fast message on the screen that says “dispensing money error”, “數鈔機組故障”.

I’ve never heard anyone anywhere actually having an error where money wasn’t given or dispensed, but account was billed. I use ATMs for a few years in Taiwan with no similar problems.

Called both banks after waiting for the situation to fix itself for 4 days. They are looking into it.

I’ve never experienced that problem, but apparently it’s not unheard of. Several sites (I think maybe at least three) have a list of ATM messages, including these three messages:

The above messages come from the page linked below, but I think you can find them in at least a couple of other places as well:


Happened to me 10 years ago. But it was a local ATM card. It was in a 7-11. I immediately called the help number on the ATM and advised the 7-11 staff. They stopped anyone else from using that machine while I waited for the bank to send an ATM repair guy. Took 2 hours of waiting but they came, opened the machine and ran some tests on it to see my transaction. They gave me the cash.

So I guess the SOP is to immediately call for help, dont leave the machine.

It happened to me several years ago with a local card at a local bank.
They resolved it in a day or so. I was kind of upset having thought that I lost money.
They are usually good at resolving issues.
Suggestion: similar things will happen.
Have your cellphone camera primed and ready to snap and record error or other messages when they pop up. Also, know your screenshot shortcut in case you get the equivalent Chinese error message in one line experience.

That’s exactly what happened, I happen to be hold on my camera thinking maybe I should take a picture when error message popped up for less than 3 seconds message and I snapped it

Same exact thing happened to me in 2013 at a Megabank branch, the machine spit out a paper receipt showing the error, I scanned it and sent it to the overseas bank that issued the ATM card. Took around 3 weeks to get my money back, Megabank only wanted to talk to the other bank, not me.

I guess I got lucky. Other than a 2 hour wait, I got my money on the spot. The bank people told me had the machine not returned my card, I would have to wait for the money because they have to review the video of me using that card. But since I had the card in my hand, they could match it with the transaction and gave me the cash on the spot.

Not exactly, but had an ATM in Thailand crash and reboot as it was trying to dispense cash. Checked my online banking and sure enough it had already debited the account. One call to the card-issuer (CapitalOne) and they immediately restored funds while on the phone, no questions asked, and said not to worry they’d work it out with the local bank.

Surprisingly good service, especially since the bank insists I’m dead, but that’s a separate issue.

It’s good that they don’t let petty details like that get in the way of customer service.

happened to me a few months ago. put the transaction through and the machine died as it was making dispense cash noises. checked another atm and sure enough the money was gone from my account. i rang the helpline. guy told me it would automatically fix itself, to go back and check the balance. sure enough the money was back again when i checked

It also happens to me a year ago, I just call the bank and they fix it within 5 days. It’s a hassle though. Very disappointed with my bank.