Having a US cell phone number to receive calls and messages

More and more website, institutions etc require them to call/text you on a cell phone to verify codes, identities etc

more and more I am noticing (I don’t know why) they don’t accept some mainstream Voip number (such as Skype etc)

Do you know if it’s possible to get in USA a prepaid SIM card (or very cheap contract) that works in Taiwan?
If not…what’s the best VOIP USA number to receive reliable calls and SMS from USA?


You mean you paid for a Skype USA phone number and institutions cannot make verifying (auto) calls to you? Or are you only talking about SMS messages?

I have a paid skype California area code number and for ‘calls’ auto or regular I can receive them just fine. But I have yet to test with SMS…because I think only recently Skype had incoming SMS function available.

Google Fi is great if you also travel internationally…

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I registered my Taiwan cell number with my UK bank and regularly receive my security codes and verification passes by SMS text. Have you considered registering yours with your bank?

Get a Google Voice number. I use it all the time for getting SMS messages. It can also be programmed to forward to any other number in the world, including your existing VoIP number but you have to pay some money if it’s forwarded outside of the USA.

Skype is good! Its only about 15 euro (i can’t remember) per year i think
and you can use internet wifi instead of number calling

used it for work before

thanks a lot
I will have a look into it…

yes calls from institutions are not received (while regulars call yes) That’s because institutions recognize the number is associated to a VOIP number (and not to a regular one)
I have to test with SMS…and you are right…it seems a new function…

Unfortunately my skype number is roughly $60/y and totally useless for my scope

thanks for the tip
I tried to install it before but it never worked…

thanks for the reply
It’s not only not possible in the website to register not-US mobile to receive text but also not conceivable…USA…

And for those wondering, the reverse is very much doable.
Whenever I go back to the US, I receive all my CHT cell :iphone:text messages for free thru my CHT SIM card in the phone. Just do not reply back from the US, as you may incur roaming charges.

I got an app called TextNow. It’s free except for crappy ads, they give you a number from the states thats yours, and you can call anywhere you have data in any country back to the USA and Canada for free as well as receive calls too.

Second Google Fi. Lifesaver for international travel and banks, etc. needing a US text-enabled number.

thanks…do you need for Google Fi a SIM card from the USA?

If your phone supports virtual SIMs then no, you won’t need one. Otherwise you’ll need to purchase one from the US.

Hello Bananas
I am searching for a US number phone for my small business. I think I’ll try Google Fi first. Do you need to be on Wifi to receive calls made from the US? What if you don’t have Wifi at the time and someone calls you? How much would that be per minute?

No you don’t. Calls work through a regular cellular network. The costs are all listed on the website.

What phone are you using, is the audio good, clear and no delay?

Yesterday, I had a discussion on this topic with a friend who still have some business in US.
He is using a VoIP called Magic Jack which even allowed him to keep the same US number he had before.
It also has an app, so you to make US local calls from your mobile, wherever you are.
It costs about USD50 for the adapter, which includes one year service. Afterwards, it’s about USD40/Y or USD90/3Y