Having mixed race kids in Taiwan

How are mixed race (half white and half Taiwanese) kids treated in public schools and Taiwan society in general?

People here don’t seem to be uptight so I would guess that it generally does not matter BUT that there will be the odd one here and there that does.


In society in in general they will be treated mighty fine .

in school, all bets are off, .

polish your gloves


Kids will pick on anything. Too tall, too small, whatever. The question is if your kid has thick skin and can throw it back. If he lets it be a thing that bothers him, he will continue to be bullied for it.

I’m mixed Taiwanese korean, not really any issues growing up.

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because you stood up for yourself
i got bullied in school. ha ha knocked to the floor one a week.developed a speech impediment out of it.

The little knocks are coming. I can st st st stammer though them

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It can be rough at school, I’m not mixed but I have grown up mixed kids.

super lucky right now my kids teachers are all good. He loves school, loves his teachers . no joke

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can probably engineer an uncomfartable situation for the plastic Waterfordian though


My kids go to TAS where the vast majority of kids are Asian, but there’s a significant enough minority of others. They haven’t complained of bias. On the streets the most likely reaction is that people will tell them that they’re super cute and want them to speak their bad Chinese. I haven’t found it to be an issue, thought I’m not easily offended unless people are trying to offend, and that hasn’t seemed to happen often here.

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is it ok if I change ‘mixed race’ to ‘muggle blood’ in the title?? :grin:

thinking about it. Ok sorry tempo gain I went for it :grin:

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My kids went to a public school in Taiwan and received a great education. They were treated like rock stars.


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I doubt it :rofl:

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There’s a white-Taiwanese and an Indian-Taiwanese kid at the school I teach at. The Indian kid gets called “oh-lang” (Taiwanese slur for “black person”) a lot, but doesn’t seem to care. Def a thick skin thing. Didn’t really respond either way to my “why are you insulting your friend?” directed at the classmates saying it.

The white-Taiwanese kid is a snotty brat. Thinks because his dad is a monolingual white and mom uses an English name that he’s better than everyone else. Thankfully at this point he just quietly fills out the entire English textbook and workbook and reads an English novel in the background during class. Easier to manage than the kids who go to cram school and squirm around in their seats and loudly announce that everything is “太簡單“ even though they don’t actually know what anything means.

Culturally, I wouldn’t want to send my hypothetical mixed kids to a school here because I don’t want to subject them to 10 hours of sitting at a desk listening to someone drone on at them all day. I know a lot of people on Forumosa say they’ve had great experiences with schools here, but the white-Taiwanese kid has changed schools four times in five years. Mom says it’s because the home room teachers were crazy. It’s possible it was bullying. Also possible it was just her son’s behavior and attitude. But that’s a lot of school changes when you’ve lived in the same house and had the same jobs for the past ten years.


My kids go to the local school and they don’t get much special treatment or attention, there’s a bunch of mixed kids in the school, it’s pretty easy going all round. My kids don’t stand out much though.


My son goes to just Mandarin lessons at the local. No issues…He speaks fluent Chinese already and is of equal stature to his peers. They say anything, they’ll likely get a mouthful back, anyways. School treats us great and generally in society it seems if you teach at uni, you get an extra bit of respect, anyways. So, we have any questions at school they give us their full attention.

My kid went to public elementary school, now private taiwanese secondary. No issue, she is very happy there, but she look very taiwanese, hard to tell she is mixed unless I am around.

My good friend who has moved back to the U.K. this year has mixed kids that are twins. They love school in Taiwan and are total nerds. Which is really funny because he’s the opposite of a nerd and super athletic.

You either have mixed kids or you don’t have kids. Unless you change your partner.

I’ve just asked my daughter who is in elementary school and she says she is treated exactly the same except in English class where she is allowed to bring a book to read. The other kids treat her exactly the same.

Things might change at JHS/SHS as it looks like we aren’t going to be able to get her into TES. I hope not, but if they do we’ll deal with any issues.

Kids are just nasty at that age. Mostly to deflect from their own insecurities in the teenage years. If it’s not being mixed, it would be some other BS. If she doesn’t let it bother her, and don’t make it a thing. I think she’ll be fine.

I’m not worried. She’s a confident little girl. I’ll still remain aware of any possible problems, of course.

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Although I wonder about cyber bullying. It seems stupid, but it could be nasty with people being anonymous. It was easier when you can confront your bully.