He loves you, he loves you not

Such a friendly face. They’re going to find him very appealing. :laughing:

news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/engl … 796017.stm

What is this fascination with sheep? We definitely need a sheep forum.

Possibly a sly dig from a Brit. who has this weekend suffered the national team losing in rugby (to ABs :laughing: ) and football (to France :wink: )-and can’t stop himself making a sheep shagger joke.

However, I have received information to suggest that these are stragbasher’s hands. Not sure if he is smiling, but the sheep seems happy:

Someone dobbed me in!

Doesn’t anyone else find it alarming that the average sheep seems to be more emotionally intuitive than the average human? I don’t think I could tell the difference, from a photo, between a happy sheep and a stressed out sheep, but they can distinguish emotions in human faces.

The important question is whether sheep can tell the difference between genuine smiles and pervy sniggering. Stragbasher? :wink:

But we did gain a measure of revenge against the Kiwis by completing a 3-0 whitewash in the crickers.

Well done to the English :fume: , whipped the black craps :help: .

Back on topic sort of…we all know that dogs understand English…get in behind, sit down ya bugger, easy easy, walk to the left, quicker, stop there, put the fu**ers in the pen, here’s ya tucker etc…as heard at dog trials herding our wooly friends. Here’s further evidence…

Wonder if sheep can understand our instructions too…some of us will have to test this out sometime. :blush:

I almost missed this thread. :sunglasses:

:upyours: :wink:

Yet another thread for the SHEEP FORUM (for people who breed with sheep)