Heading back to the Isle Formosa!


Hi all.

After 13 years in mainland China and a stint in Vietnam, I’ve decided to return to Taiwan.

Was hoping for some leads on decent schools or centres. I have a total of 16 years experience, CELTA-qualified, ex-IELTS examiner and PLENTY of experience.

China, nor Vietnam are for me. I’d like to continue my career in Taiwan. I’ll be settling in long-term.

Any leads and advice would be welcome. Ideally, I’d like to avoid HESS etc and focus more on not-so-young kids, teens and adults.

Solly (gregsoul at hotmail.com)


13 years in mainland China, that’s a fair ole stint :slight_smile:. Welcome back.

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It was rough Brian, it was rough. But the money, girls and laid back lifestyle (mostly Xiamen) almost made up for it.

Nearly broke my soul though.


Sounds like a job for www.tealit.com?


Can’t be all that much different from the ones here, no? :howyoudoin:


Equally sweet and beautiful. Shanghainese and northerners can get a bit hair-raising.

Never had issues with my Taiwanese girlfriends (ie. no violence).


Will apply there. Was looking for insider tips too.


If you’re going buxiban route I’d try the British Council.


That is a good option. I worked for them in China as an IELTS examiner.