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I love my ipod, but have some terrible problems with low bass frequencies. Whilst listening to Ice Cube’s “The Predator”, the bass distortion was terrible on high volumes. I am currently using Koss Porta Pro, but don’t know if this is a standard iPod issue or not. The problem is worse with the generic iPod bud earphones. Can any audiophiles out there recommend a good, sub-3000NT$ alternative?

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The store has most of the headphones from most of the major companies. I’d say try out everything within your budget and a bit more: Shure, Etymotic, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, whatever else they have. Maybe you don’t want to spend more but once you hear the sound, you just might.

In the $100 US range, candidates include Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, Grado, and upcoming Ultimate Ears.

If you want good sound in a really small package, in-ear is the way to go: like Shure, Etymotic, or Ultimate Ears.

Everything is going to sound different. Try them all and see what you like.

ah about distortion,

sound check can do it. Still I use it though.

You might try headphones with greater sensitivity; you won’t need to turn the volume up as much. A headphone amp is another idea.

Has anyone seen the Sony EX71, EX81 or NX1 headphones (earbuds) here? Couldn’t find them anywhere in Hsinchu…

It’s also possible that the mp3 could be crappy quality. You need to listen to alot more than one song to judge. Even good headphones won’t fix that problem.

I think I’ve seen the EX71’s at Nova. It’s either the 2nd or 3rd floor that has a booth with lots of headphones. I think it’s the 3rd.

It’s also possible that the mp3 could be crappy quality. You need to listen to alot more than one song to judge. Even good headphones won’t fix that problem.[/quote]

:slight_smile: mp3 compression will sound a lot different than the type of distortion probably in question. I save all my music at aac 224; it’s not too bad.

I bought a pair of white Sony EX71’s from the Nova next to TPE main station around January for $1050NT. Not a bad price considering the cheapest I could find them in Australia was $72.50AUD.

These are very bassy earbuds, good for techno and R&B. When listening to accoustic and vocal it takes some getting used to, but they are still very good. Highly recommend them.

Just bought a pair of these in Daichi store, Neihu. They’re currently Japan only, so the warranty means sending them away if there’s a problem, but they fit sungly with ear clips, have an extension cord, and three ear bud sizes. Ambient sound reduction isnt perfect but it handles bass much better than th iPod buds. They were NT$2090 and worth every penny. But, taking the advice the man said earlier, they are just a time filler until I can afford a pair of high end Shures or Ultimate Ears. If you want these, you can also order them from www.yesasia.com with free delivery.

hmm… could have gotten Shure E3’s for 4200 on yahoo bids. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll sell mine and get some E4’s

I have the Sony MDR-NK1, which is basically the same as the EX71’s except it also comes with a neck band. The neck band is actually really useful, as it prevents the earbuds from popping out as easily. In Taizhong, you can find these sort of headphones in the basement of NOVA.

I went to the store on Chongqing S. Road mentioned above, last night to check out the Shure E4C, about which I’d read good things. They brought a pair out for me to look at, but wouldn’t let me listen to them. Nor is there the possibility of returning them if you don’t like them. They are NT$8500. They will, however, sell you ear covers for NT$150 so you can try them out, but only in one size.

Screw that; I’ll stick with my Sony EX’s.

Last time, I was able to try the E5, E2, and Etymotic ER4.

Lame ass store. Customer service is just not like back home. There are some places that will send you pairs to try. Business Week has started talking about the Creative Economy, the next big thing after six sigma. Chinese have no clue. I’ve heard things about many retail stores like Eslite not doing well. no duh.

You could try the E3 and E5 and think they’re something in between. :slight_smile:

The E4 is $7200 on Taiwan Yahoo Bids. I’ve had my E3s for about a year now. I’m still very happy with them except when I think about the better stereos or earphones I’ve heard.

Interested in my E3s?

After that experience, I’m kind of turned off spending money to upgrade my headphones. I’d rather spend the money on other things.

The store guy said to me, without prompting, “You could do that kind of thing in the US, but not Taiwan.” He did not elaborate.

Mice/Keyboard maker Logitech released a wireless Bluetooth headset exclusively for the iPod. You can adjust the volume and track right on the unit itself. Great for excercise. I’ve read good reviews about the piece, but it’s not available in Taiwan. Not cheap at US$150.

:slight_smile: The review I read wasn’t too positive. Maybe it’s the best of the Bluetooth headphones. I bet it’s far from the best sound quality you can get for that price. :slight_smile:

OK, about a week or two ago, I was happy as hell with my Sony EX81’s, but I just discovered that the insulating cover of th wiring is coming off allready and the wires have never beeb tangled or abused. If you order these online, do yourself a favor and make sure thry are made in Japan, not China where build quality is evidently terrible.