Headphones thread


I think there has to be something weird going on with taxes on headphones in Taiwan. There are some models, even from Taiwanese companies, that are cheaper on Amazon (Usa) than on Ruten.
I wonder if it depends from product to product. My Asus Zenfone 3 which I bought last year was cheaper here than in Eu by a fair margin.


Import taxes make imported electronics expensive, and I speculate that Taiwanese products are often priced accordingly as a result. I think I’ve heard that Usher speakers are an exception to that rule, there must be others. As you say, ASUS seems to fit that bill.


Thank you for the info, much appreciated. X2 on Momo has a good price, TWD7220.

I will return my k550 today if possible. If I buy a new pair in Taiwan, I would definitely go for X2.

Currently I am asking to a sheet metal worker if he can make a pair of headband for ATH-AD2000.


Hi The problem of sticky plastic occurs on some of my PC parts and other product too. I also find it difficult to fix.

Shure makes really good headphones too. You might want to check out Shure SRH1840.

From the reviews, those have the best sound of my preference, even though it is generally agreed they have terrible fit. Sadly for my use, fit is way more important than the sound, so I can’t use them:pensive:


The price of Japanese household appliances not manufactured in Taiwan is absurd in Taiwan. Sometimes second hand products in Taiwan cost more than new items in Japan, for example, in case of bulky items like electronic piano.

I once paid tax for importing electronics (speakers) when my friend sent me without knowing the tax, and I ended up paying around 15% of the full price for receiving the item.

In terms for headphones of Japanese manufactures, buying them in Japan saves you a lot even compared to buying in eg US and EU.

For example, I got my ATH-AD2000 for around 450 USD when they were the cheapest, and this model was the flagship model of AT. If you like the sound, it’s a bargain.


I also notice that trend. Wired.


I think you explained the situation very well. TW sellers tend to put their price according to the prices of imported goods.


bose Q20 is nice. Noise cancelling is ridiculous, and it’s the only ear buds that I ever had where I could keep in for around 12 hour to LAX without any discomfort. Sounds could be better, but it’s pretty good but the price tag is def. because it’s a bose. I can’t really complain about the sound.


Q20 is in-ear headphones and you can keep them fit on for 12 hours? That sounds exceptionally great. Thank you for the info, much appreciated.

I live in a noisy environment so I should try Bose in store.


Yup and they don’t fall out. Good for running around


Wow that’s a lot less than I paid and below the price on Amazon. I can’t find them though, I only see the X1’s.


I must retract my opinion on the AKG K550MKII. I was using them directly plugged on my PC which was the way I was using the ATH-AD2000 too.

Today I was going to put K550 on sales, but before doing so, I just plugged them to a decent headphones amp, which I was not using for years from my laziness, to see if there was any change on the sound.

Bang! Now I got a really good sound, as if they were completely different headphones, the sound changed from 30 bucks headphones to the AKG K550MKII as many has been reviewed.

AKG K550MKII is great. I regret putting them down from my silliness.


I just checked again, I mistook it for X1. ughhhhh.

By the way, is there any way to modify the OP? My opinion on the AKG K550MKII changed to the opposite from bad to good.


I have tried bang and olufsen ear buds
200 bucks
Not impressed overall no better then 100 dollar Bose ear buds
What I think is worth the money is the least expensive Bose over ear 100 dollar ones

Can be had at Bose outlets for like 85 plus tax

Like I said my wireless noise cancelling on ear B n O
is not comfortable and really better to get the 299 over ear wired with no noise cancelling

Don’t think noise cancelling is worth the hype

Best value so far in my view the Bose over ear one for 99 at target 85 at Bose outlet

Anyone want my B n O?
Gimme 500 and I will send em to ya


At the studio I use a pair of Sennheiser’s (hd 630vb). When outside or traveling however, I’ll bring the Marshall Major FX, one that works pretty darn great but I also won’t weep for if stolen or lost.


I hope you manage to sell the pair.


HD 630VB is hi-res and adjustable bass oriented headphones and can be run on iPhone. Looks solid.

I did not know Marshall was making headphones. I am curious how they sound. What instrument do you play?


Yeah they’re both very good for their respective price range.

Used to be the rhythm guitarist in my high school rock band, but I haven’t played in aaages, man.


Picked up a pair of akbN60 for 170 euro ( I lookedon ochome and it seemed to be around 12,000 ntd unless Im mistaken.

Taiwan is getting to be a joke for costs…electronics, clothes , groceries…

I bought them for noise cancellation and portable for travel…very happy with them and half the price of some other brands.


Hi Brianjones

N60 NC, nice headphones for traveling!
First class Noise Cancelling headphones fine-tuned for travelling

It seems living in Taiwan as the way locals live is not that expensive considering the relatively high ranked PPP of Taiwan. But in many cases, it is quite expensive to have the same quality of life of the countries like US and Europe with the average salary of locals I suppose.