I shoved this in here because it’s to do with bikes.

Does anyone know of any places to get a motorcycle intercom set up between riders and passengers in Taipei?

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I have one…go to any “big bike” shop and I’m sure they will carry it. That’s where I got mine.

Mordeth, is yours a radio one or does it use a cable connection? My friend has a budget one of the latter: it was around a thousand NT. She bought it many years ago though so where she bought it is no longer relevant.

An interesting, cheap and reliable system is the Backchat Vixen acoustic intercom;
backchat-vixen.com/pages/hom … ee1d6acb11

It works on the same principle as the speaking tubes in old ships. It has had some good reviews. No idea whether you can buy it here although it could be mail-ordered of course.

Thank you very much.

Mine sounds like your friends…fairly cheap quality. But like I said if the big bike shop doesn’t have it…they can get it.

yep almost all big bike shops have 'em… make sure you tell them that you want one that’s OEM made in Taiwan… a lot of GPS and intercom units are made in Taiwan for European and US brands, for eg. the BMW Navigator series GPS’s… most bike shops have contacts at the factory and you can get the same product at much lower prices EXW… just be sure that they know that you know, otherwise they’ll probably figure they can take the foreigner for a ride price wise…

I was able to get a cheap one at Guang Hwa under the freeway, where they have all the computer sales. I went in from the south entrance, walked up the stairs and then walked to the right. About 3 or 4 stalls down on the right side there’s a store that sells all sorts of odds and ends. I was lucky to see a box marked for communication between scooter driver and passenger. It cost less than $500. Not a bad deal if you ask me. It requires one nine volt battery, has independent volume controls for two microphone/earphone on short wires. Just clip it on the belt or put it in the passenger’s pocket and you’re ready to talk. I was looking at the time, but I couldn’t seem to find one anywhere, then I just saw that one one day at that Gwang Hwa market under the freeway.

At $500 NT I would get one. How well does yours work, what brand/model is it, and after using it a while, did you have any problems?

ALso, do any of them also allow you to take your mobile calls on the driver headset? This is what I’d really like.