Healing with Seth Material Workshop

Healing with Seth material workshop

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Oct. 19-21, 2012


In modern medicine there have been constant advances, however, there are always incurable diseases, for example, the cancers have been the number one enemy of human beings in the 21th century. Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu is a medical doctor trained by orthodox western medicine, and after immersing himself in the Seth material for more than 20 years, and applying it on his life and clinic cases, he has found out that the diseases come from the blocked spiritual energy. Therefore he realized that the most advanced technology still will not be able to solve the problem triggered by the spirit and mind.

Since then, he has combined the Seth philosophy and western medicine treatment theories together as his spiritual prescriptions. Dr. Hsu believes “your beliefs create all the events that happen in your life, including diseases”. Diseases are the manifestation of the distortion of inner energy and conflicts, so, to “treat” a disease should start from restoring the balance between body, mind and spirit, and this can be achieved through constant learning and self-awareness and enlightenment.

This workshop is a unique opportunity in which you will learn about the application of Seth material on healing and its results. It’s also a great event where you get to know the Seth Holistic Service Team in Taiwan.

Taiwan Society of Holistic Medicine
Seth Education Foundation

Dr. Tien-Sheng Hus
& medical doctors & therapists of Seth Holistic Service Team

Fenghuan Village, Hualien, Taiwan (Seth Village)

Oct. 19~21, 2012

This workshop is designed for international audience who would like to:
Learn to apply Seth material onto the healing of cancers, mental or physical illness.
Promote Seth material to more people.

This workshop is taught in Chinese Mandarin
with simultaneous interpretation to English.

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