Health and Labor Insurance

Ok… someone has probably answered this question previously, but I couldn’t find the answer so will ask it again… sorry.

My employer expalined to me that insurance taken off of my monthly pay is for two things… health insurance (from which I gain my health card) and labor insurance (not sure what I gain from this…).

Anyway, I remember reading in the Taipei times how these rates had gone up recently (I filed the story away for safe-keeping and promptly lost it).

My questions are these… :?

#1 What are the new rates for both health and labor insurance (and how are these determined)? :?:

#2 What is Labor insurance for? Is this something to do with the labor standards act and thus things that one is entitled under that act (such as sick days?)?? :?:


Daryl :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that Labor Insurance has more to do with job-caused disability . . . . . .

schools pay into a fund so that any teacher deported in theory is provided with a one way ticket out of this fund. the tax is collected, but i have never of anyone actually getting the free ticket home. IIRC, it is number 60 that covers this.