Health Check Authentication Process - TECO

Hi everyone,

I am under contract with a school in Taiwan for a job this fall. It looks like I will be needing a special entry permit to get in, and for starters that involves a health check completed in my home country. I have recently done this and am about to be mailing it to my regional TECO office. Is anyone in the process of doing this as well? Just curious about where you are in the process and any issues so far. Perhaps we can help each other out.

I did the health check recently through New York TECO. There is a form that needs to be filled in and mailed to TECO with a recent passport photo attached. The form has to be sent in a sealed envelope with the doctor’s signature across the seal. I also had to include a money order (not check) for $26.50 to cover return express mail. I think it took a couple of weeks then the form was returned to me with a TECO cover sheet attached. Do you have to get an FBI report also?

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Can confirm that Houston TECO does not need an FBI background check.

Did you have anyone sign in the “Chief Medical Technologist” field for your health check? Mine is blank currently. My doctor signed on the “Chief Physician” and “Superintendent” fields…

Great to hear your health check has already been authenticated. Just about to mail mine off. My TECO office requested the same things. However, the FBI report was not mentioned. I gave my school the FBI background check earlier in the year and I don’t believe my TECO office told me to send that too. I will be contacting them today to make sure. Wow, did not expect a couple week turn around time though, wow.