Health Check Details, Back-Register Marriage Documents (補辦婚禮) for TARC (台灣地區居留證)

Hi all, ABC here, with an Overseas Taiwan Passport, looking to apply for a TARC. Hoping to ask a few questions to have it posted as information for others going through the same process (although, the questions I have are a bit more general). Briefly, I’m a 27 y/o male, U.S. citizen, parents married and divorced in the U.S., both dual Taiwan citizens, never registered their marriage in Taiwan, and I’m currently resident in Singapore. It’s a weird place to be in, but there’s been great advice on other threads written by hopeful TARC-ers about the docs needed – thank you for that.

Just to add to the body of knowledge, I have a few questions:

  1. For those who have been through a foreigner healthcare check, can someone detail the process, and what gets checked? I’ve downloaded the form from the NIA (移民署), and it seems I won’t have to go through stool sampling. Is this true, or do they still try to make you give it? Reason I ask is, embarrassingly, I’ve recently had some anal warts appear, after an anal fissure (I’m telling you, it’s horrible, and so is the visual - eat your fiber!) and have, for lack of a better phrase, been shitting blood at every bowel movement while it heals. I am also wondering if HPV is among the STIs checked for. I know HIV is no longer checked. Anyway, divulging my personal medical fuck-ups aside, if anyone can expound the process in detail, that’d be great. Thinking about doing it at Ren Ai Hospital since it’s relatively central, in about a week.

  2. This may be more related to TARC people. For back-registering a foreign marriage, what documents are needed? Same goes for back-registering a foreign divorce? Is it the same as what you need to register a current marriage? Reason for this is, strangely, they have to show that my parents were legitimately married when they had me. I asked whether or not I can just go through my mom to apply, since both parents are Taiwanese, but they said it’s ‘better to register since whoever you get at the NIA will decide if your biological parents’ marriage needed to be registered.’ If I just went through my mom and my stepfather’s current marriage – which IS registered in Taiwan – they’d have to somehow prove I’m a 婚生子女, child born in wedlock.

  3. I’ve called in to Singapore TECO, and they’ve said since I’m resident here, I can actually take all the docs to apply for some version of the TARC (they called it a 戶本), and then have it converted when I enter Taiwan to a TARC. Of course, my documents still need to be verified by various American TECOs, and, it takes about 1-2 months to process. But, has anyone tried applying for TARC abroad and then going in to change it?

Thanks all.