Health Check for ARC failed due to expired Measles vaccination


Hi Forumosa-friends,

Today I received my Health Check which is mandatory for applying for the Resident Visa and ARC. I am married to a Taiwanese and will get my ARC this way, but when reading my Health Check result, I was shocked: At final test result it said “Failed”. All I could find as a reason was a “negative” at Measles Antibody.

Does this mean I will not receive a Resident Visa / ARC or is it just for my information to renew the vaccination?
Any experience is much appreciated!

Thank you!



You need to take the vaccination again, and get a proof of that from the hospital, before you apply for your visa and ARC.


So I do not have to do the whole health check again? Just the shot and then directly go and apply with all the documentation? Amazing! Thank you so much!

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Yeah just ask at the hospital you got the check at. They will give you the shot and complete the documentation. I’m surprised they let you leave without letting you know, actually.

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Happened to me and just one booster shot to take care of it.


Yeah, I think they told my wife but light headed as she can be, she thought its more of a “recommendation”. Also it was afternoon when we picked up the results and they only offer the procedure while morning hours.

Thank you so much for your help guys!
Looking forward to become a real formosan citizen! :slight_smile:

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