Health Check for ARC

In Taipei, Renai Hospital is probably one of the best places to go as they have a system for the health check all worked out, and the relevant documentation and signage is in English. Other hospitals can handle the tests but sometimes it can be a bit confusing finding your way around and ensuring that you get all of the relevant tests done. Here’s a rundown for Ren Ai. Hope it helps.

Ren-ai Hospital
10 Ren-ai Road, Section 4, Taipei
(Near the corner of Ren-ai Road and Fu-hsing South Road)
Subway: Take the Blue or Brown Line to Chunghsiao-Fuhsing Station. Go out Exit 2. Do not cross Chunghsiao Road; walk in the opposite direction along Fuhsing Road until reaching Jen-ai (Ren-ai) Road. Turn left. The hospital is on the right next to the United Airlines building.
Bus: take 36, 37, 41, 74, 226, 261, 263, or 270 and get off either at the Fushing-Jenai Stop for some buses or in front of the hospital for other buses.

Physical Examination Hours:

9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Tel: 2709-3600

Although some hospitals claim they can legitimately administer these tests, the Government may reject their results. A passport, 2 passport-sized photos (there is a public photo booth in the physical exam area), and NT$1,130 will be needed.
If you get lost at any time, there is an information desk in the main building straight ahead from the main entrance.
The general physical is in the building behind the main building (the South Building.) Go into the main entrance (the north entrance) of the main building. There are two ways to go to the South Building:
1.) Take a slight right (about 1 o

That’s a useful post Brian. Might be better in either the Health forum or the ARC Issues forum though.

Also like to add about the stool sample. There seems to be some inconsistency (I didn’t have to give one the time before last, but I should have), but only one group of people won’t have to give a stool sample and that’s teachers (in fact even first tiem teachers may have to, I’m not sure, but the informationis clearly posted at Renai Hospital).