Health Check Hospitals in Kaohsiung

Hey guys,

I know somewhere there’s a full list of hospitals that are authorized to do health checks for the resident visa application - but does anyone know if there are any in Kaohsiung where they’re ready for you and the process is simple like at Renai hospital in Taipei?


KMU at MRT stop Houyi (1 north of Kaohsiung Station). It’s about a block east on Shiquan Rd, you’ll see it on the station maps. Check out this street view. Basically, you want to go above the Cosmed (which is that first store close to the street in the street view image). You can go through the Cosmed into the hospital, turn around to the right and go up the stairs. If you go in the main doors, I believe that the signs pointing you to the health check area say “Preventative Medicine”, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s 1700 NT, IIRC, and all the equipments are in a circle in the same room just like they are at Ren’ai.

Sounds great. I’ll check that on out then. Thanks!

That’s the most common hospital to visit for the health check. Sometimes there might be a line but they have a fairly efficient system. It’s located at Zihyou and Shicyuan across from the Carrefour. There are many wings of the building so you’ll want to go in at the CosMed as suggested and walk upstairs (photo booth at the stairwell).

Got it. Thanks again, guys! I didn’t know if I should expect such a quick and decisive response.

I’m actually applying for the marriage-based visa (JFRV), but hopefully that won’t be too much different. And probably going to a wait a bit longer before going, since the FBI is still processing my background check.