Health Checking moment

hello everyone!!
May I ask your some advices.
I have tried to search this subject for several days but didn’t find even any notice about it
So… here here it is:
In present monet I stay in taiwan and work here. I joined one of Universities so I need to change my visa for Student
I need to go to Hong Kong for visa run to apply for resident visa as a student.

Here is some questions

  1. Am I need to apply for Health checking stuff before I go to Hong Kong. Becasue when I applied for Visitor visa in my country (Russia) Taiwaniese embassy asked me to show them this healthy stuff and bla-bla-bla, but when I changed visa form Visitor to Resident here in Taiwan i didn’t. So… in case of Hong Kong can anyone tell me need i go to hospital and did this stuff again or just go to Hong Kong and nobody would ask it
  2. Financial support. I would be a student but without scholarship. Only with my professor support. So how much money i need to have on account to show them that Hong Kong lady would believe me that I can survive here during my study.

What is wrong, people?? Is my question so dificult or I really ask something dumb and been duno since I posted i yestarday? Or… looks like nobody met this situation before and everyone easily and fine get new resident visa in Hong Kong. come, smile, show that you are not an asshole… and hop!!! here is visa!))Easier only say “I wanna visa”. Hey!!!Anyone can answer this question? Ok, about money I can try to get by myself. But about health checking paper I need your help.
Please!!! Help me!! anyone!!!

I can’t answer the second question. Perhaps you should contact the proper authorities to ask them what they want. The answer would be more reliable than getting it from a bunch of anonymous individuals who have nothing to do with the decision.

I can answer the first question, I think. As far as I understand, the health check is required for the ARC, not the visa. If that’s still the case, then no, you wouldn’t need it for the visa application. In this case, too, I would check with the proper authorities to be sure. It’s not that difficult. They have a toll free number you can call, or you could go into any NIA office.

You could try calling the information for Foreigners Helpline 0800 024111. They speak English.

As far as I know, no health check required for a visitor visa (for purpose of study). But then I’ve never had to show a health check to get a visa in my country, so you should probably check this, since it may be different for your country.
But proof of funds (when I did it a few years back I had to show NT$100,000 in an account, but I just borrowed it, put it in, got some kind of balance thing from the bank and then returned the money) may well be necessary. If you can easily get hold of funds for a short while at least its probably best you do so, get proof, and take it. Maybe they won’t ask, but if they do, you’ll have it.

Plus remember, it doesn’t matter how much you check on what they require, on any given day the actual visa office can just randomly ask you for stuff. So I’d get the proof of funds together regardless.

Talk to the staff at the Office of International Students in your university. They will also know better about 1 and 2.

Thank you for your answers
At least I would try to call to Foreigners Helpline. Before i did call to MOFA but they didn’t give me proper answer. Like… Maybe… depend on Hong Kong office. So… i did some call to Hong Kong. The same situation. maybe… Depend on MOFA. Depend on weather Depend on there mood… bla-bla-bla. Who is right? Interest.
But at least I guess here must be some people who got resident visa in HK. So… Did they use this stuff or just show admission letter and it was enaugh
And also… Office of International Programm of my University doesn’t know about this. So… like this!