Health Food Store Near CKS MRT

Can anyone recommend a Health Food Store that is near CKS station (or a station near that one!) Thanks! Steve

Just across Roosevelt road when you exit Taipower MRT is an excellent health food store. Lots of organic veggies, imported grains and drinks, and so on.

The store is almost directly across from the YMCA.

Thanks Muchaman!

Steeevieboy I totally agree with you.

Steveboy, there’s a closer one, on Nanchang road near the intersection of Nanchang and Ningbao. Called Santa Cruz.

woah. I’m gonna have to check that out. I went to college in Santa Cruz. :slight_smile:

Which Taipower Exit?

On Roosevelt between CKS and Guting, across the street from the Guoyu Ribao building, there’s a health-food-style bakery. It also carries a few non-bread products. The name is “Mr. Mark’s Bakery” or something else with “Mark”.