Health Insurance After Contract Ends

My flight was scheduled to be on July 7th, just after the end of my contract. Now I am here until August 11th due to the cancellation and rescheduling of my flight.

I am on an APRC and open work permit, so I am sustaining myself by teaching private classes. When I asked about this, I was told to just keep my receipts and show them payment by electronic transfer in my bank book for non-cash payments. So far, so good.

However, I just went to the doctor, and I am no longer insured. I should have seen this coming but I didn’t. I have been to the NHI website to try to figure out how to make payments but cannot seem to find out which category I fit into.

Would I be regarded as unemployed? Surely not because I can get earn enough to survive. I will go to the place in Tamsui that deals with this (I think it is near Carrefour) tomorrow, but can anyone tell me what might happen in a situation like mine?

Also, I have no idea how labor insurance works when I am in this situation, so advice there would be appreciated.

Ask them if you can retroactively re-register and have those bills covered. You might consider getting coverage anyway in case something else comes up in the next few weeks.

(I would think categories 3 and 4 cover both un- and self-employed):

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It usually gets paid on July 1st, or at least that’s when I get paid. I am two weeks behind then.

Still not sure how labor insurance is handled though.

If you are an APRC holder, all that has happened is your company advised NHI that you don’t work there and they won’t pay so NHI shut off your access to use the card. NHI does this to ‘encourage’ people to come in and make personal payment arrangements. But this doesn’t mean it’s cancelled and you’re off the hook
As APRC holder, you still need to keep paying for it yourself. If not payments owing will accrue and you will owe the principal plus fines. Go to the NHI office and tell them you are no longer working and you want to pay the outstanding amount and your card will work again

Don’t forget to go to NHI before you leave if you want to suspend your NHI payments and coverage. APRC holders can do that if they will be out of country for more than 3 months and then you won’t owe monthly payments until you return or otherwise you can keep the payments going while you are gone and you will still have NHI access. When you return you need to let them know you are back if you suspended it, and make arrangements to pay the monthly fee again. If not, same as before, fees and penalties for owing them money


Thanks. I went and did it today. They said they’d send me a bill, but it was only about NT$700, and it’ll arrive by the end of the month. They said they’d take care of the labor insurance, too, after I showed them my open permit and said I was working from home.

It was pretty much straightforward. I was surprised it was so cheap and find myself half-expecting a call to tell me it’s more expensive.

Glad you got it taken care of. Yup the amount of $700 or so was what I paid for self pay. They did the same thing, we will mail you a bill but they reactivate your card right away.