Health Insurance for Expat in Taiwan for a 2 years old kid

Want expat Travel Health Insurance quote for 2 year old girl USA passport holder living in Taiwan. Want worldwide coverage INCLUDING USA coverage.
USD 1000+ (higher deductible) is OK.
Do you have any suggestion insurance company that I can contact to inquire plan.

Doesn’t she have NHI if she is living in Taiwan?


check AETNA or CIGNA.

USA coverage for international health insurance can easily double or triple premiums. Would getting travel insurance for the times you’re actually in the US be an option?

thank you

or it maybe a travel insurance instead., any suggestion that offer a travel insurance for a 2 year old kid?

what do you want to insure excaly?
life in Taiwan? travel overseas?
are you now in Taiwan already?

Generally speaking - travel insurance for the first 6 months till you get NHI is the cheapest option, but you can only get it when you are in your home country, not while in Taiwan. Also, it assumes that you are generally healthy, and do not need any special medical treatment.

if you are here already - CIGNA or AETNA will give the best coverage, but will be costly.

if you are here and want to travel to the USA - just get regular travel insurance from a TW company.


I am currently residing in Taiwan. I want to send my two-year-old daughter to the United States for a few months. I’d like to get her travel insurance, and I’m looking for the best plan for her.

Then any plan offered by Taiwanese insurance companies will do, they have several options, choose the one that is best for you. IMPORTANT: to the best of my knowledge you can’t insure just the child, there has to be an adult going with them.

A little off-topic, but are you by any chance responsible for this, Mark?

what are the typical costs for this? I’ve never used taiwanese products before, always just search through these brokers:

OP, try the links above. I have no experience making any claims.

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a few weeks ago I paid ~1700 NTD for a 10 day business trip to the USA (but the price is different according to age).
Policy coverage up to 15,000,000 NTD
I have no experience making claims.

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thank you, highly appreciated