Health Insurance problem

Hello everyone

I changed my arc earlier in the year from one company to another and I assumed that my new employers would just take over the payment of my health insurance automatically (I know. I don’t know why I thought it would be that easy. I’m a moron). Anyway, I tried to visit the doctors today and apparently my National Health Insurance card is no longer valid and my boss can’t explain why. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do to fix this problem?

Same happened to me. NHI will allow people to use it a few times even though they didn’t get payment and then eventually suspend your card. Likely the new boss hasn’t been remitting premiums.

You need to go to their office now and make premium back payments to when your company last stopped paying them and the insurance gets reestablished. However, If your current boss claims you’re covered then he needs to be calling NHI to ask what’s happening.