Heard about a new ARC number with 10 digits for next year?

I’m wondering if anyone heard about a new ARC for next year. I found out about this after I went into my local tax office to hand in some tax records they were missing. I was asking how they misplaced my records from last year, and after the explanation they gave me about my birthdate and two letters from my last name being wrongly recorded somewhere, they told me that this wouldn’t be a problem from next year onwards, as the local police stations will issue all foreigners a new ARC number a la the Taiwan ID number, and all previous records, tax or otherwise, would be changed accordingly. Does anyone know if this is correct? First I’ve heard of it.

Including the two first letters, my ARC number has 10 digits.

My old one only had seven (Including the letter in front).

I thing that change has been implemented and that the police will stamp your new ARC no on your ARC, next time you pay them a visit.

I got given a new number this year. Actually I hear that in 2003 they are going to bar code us or insert a tiny micro-chip under own skin. :wink:

There has even been suggestions along the lines of castration for greasy pub crawlers who repeat offend treating Taiwanese girls like pieces of meat. :imp:

However, this micro-chip thing has really got me scared, if someone in the government takes a disliking to you they hit the terminate button and you’re toast. :shock:

It’s a conspiracy

I like that chip thing.

a company is applying that in the US. I read that in www.wired.com a couple of days ago
but religious front are against the development reminding the mark of the beast in the bible.

anton xie

They did this when I went in recently, stamp on the back, new data in the computer.

bassman, think ‘cookie cutter’.

‘cookie cutter’??? I am a bit slow

Gotta read ‘Diamond Age’, classic cyberpunk novel.