Helmet-cam for cycling? And other safe riding tips

Hi everybody,

I planning to start commuting to work (Linkou to Taoyuan, 25km one way) by bike when weather is nice, as well as go out riding for weekends.

I’m wondering, is it important to have a helmet cam to record while I’m cycling (like the kind scooter-riders have), in case of accidents, etc? And if so, is there a particular brand/model you recommend?

Also, I would appreciate any tips/recommendations regarding riding safety, including equipment - currently, I plan to add mudguards, front/rear lights, handlebar mirrors, and rear rack/bags to my bike.

Thank you!

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You noted most of equipment that can be used.
Try finding a bright orange or yellow vest that construction crews in US wear, like below.

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Yes. I saw a bike accident yesterday. Chap on sports bike ploughs straight into a youbiker. The chap was on the wrong side of the road.

Then later on a little kid on a bike with stabilisers veers right across my path and nearly collides with me without stopping. The parent was unable to control his kid, and didn’t ‘shepherd’ his four year olds. Kid rode dangerously, swerving and then ended up riding on the pedestrian zone.

A bike cam would’ve been very useful in both those occasions, but it’s one reason to have video: you really can’t do much else.

Ideas: 1. Have you ridden this route before during your commute times? Note your observations. 2. Cycle aware helmet mirror and bright color shirts work for me. 3. In my opinion you can’t be too safe and visible.

This. Being aware of traffic patterns is really key when commuting or for any kind of route tbh

I have ridden the route. It’s pretty hectic, but I still like the idea of trying to bike for commute.

Does anybody have specific recommendations for helmet cameras? Or is that not a big thing for cycling?

I don’t have experience with this Garmin Varia™ RCT715 but it might fit your needs. I used their rvr315 for a year and liked it. But since the power button failed I stopped using it. Back to rear light and helmet mirror because they are no tech solutions that work.
I’d put more value on your personal safety over a traffic accident any day of the week. Been riding here since 08 and local drivers are impaired by devices. I simply wont ride in urban areas. Rural all the way.

Bicycle helmets are much lighter than motorcycle ones. A camera might throw it out of balance. Camera helmets are more common in MTB, where helmets are heavier and (probably more importantly) have a more secure connection to the head (usually covering most of the skull and even the mandible).

You might want to buy two cameras: front and rear facing.

Search for action cameras for cycling, and radar too. You’ll find a lot of info. Sadly, there’s little for the budget oriented market.

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