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Hello, i would like to buy an helmet camera. I’ve heard the GoPro are good, is it true? Hw long does the battery last? Where can i buy them? Is there a local shop where i can find them or i just buy them online?


You might want to go through the comments of this article about the camera.

news.slashdot.org/story/13/03/21 … ive-review

Don’t want to read the whole thing. Some people have had problems with this camera. Battery didn’t last very long,
had problems with picture storage, and poor customer service when dealing with these problems.

Sony has one, others are getting in on the game, too: http://www.cnet.com.au/sony-action-cam-hdr-as15-339342124.htm

Go pro’s are pretty amazing. I am still using my first gen. I wish I had the HD one now, but my older one works great. I use it on my helmet and motorcycle and I have a surfing mount for it. They are really durable and pretty easy to use. The mounts are kind of expensive though for just a piece of plastic. They make every single kind of mount now. I also heard Taiwan just got a dealer for Go Pro in Taipei, but I don’t know for sure.

GoPro´s are the most famous one, and it seems that there are good reasons for that. I´ve been using other cheap solutions, but eventually all of them fail you. Indeed, I´ve missed several accidents in front of me, and one of mine, because I run out of battery.

If you´ve got the money, and you´re going to use it… I guess that it´s one of the most reliable options out there.


If you´ve got the money, and you´re going to use it… I guess that it´s one of the most reliable options out there.[/quote]

To be honest, I don’t find Go Pro’s all that expensive. They have made the price very reasonable. I think the new HD model is only about 10,000nt, but it probably doesn’t come with that many mounts.

I can’t aford no shoes

Hi, my crappy yet cute and useful Y3000 camera is dead. I’d like to replace it with something small and (full) HD. No need to say that since “I can’t afford no shoes”, as Zappa sang, I don’t want to pay for something as nice as a GoPro. Any idea would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Since there was a scooter accident in our family (everyone is fine), I am looking to get a helmet camera. But also nothing overpriced like a GoPro.

  • records to SD card
  • 1080p
  • waterproof

Any suggestions?

I’m using a SOL Racing one with built-in camera. Comfortable, good and discrete.

The camera is placed near your jaw, and gives a good view of surroundings.

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Just one word of warning to anyone with more money considering a GoPro: don’t. They suck as a dash or helmet cam for traffic recording. Simply because they neither have time stamps (sometimes necessary) not do they do proper looped recording (eg. won’t overwrite old recordings, so you need to delete old files once in a while - which is a royal PITA with the Android app)

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I actually use a GoPro Hero 5 Session for my helmet cam for the past 3-4 years and so far so good. It’s waterproof out of the package and despite not having amazing battery life, I don’t have an issue as my commutes are all under an hour.

It’s true they do not have time stamps and I believe you do not have the option to add it, but the file properties has it and if you edit the vide on Quik, all can be added. Of course, that’s probably the last thing you remember to do when in an accident.

I have used the SJCAM 4000 before and the quality is just not that great. In low light, you can barely see anyone’s license plate. I’ll also add that the image stabilization was not up to par of a GoPro. It worked, but I just wasn’t too happy with it.

You could also consider the Sony action cam, a bit more expensive than the GoPro, but when it comes to image stabilization, it is king.

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How much are the GoPro Hero 5 Session’s in Taiwan?
How long does the battery last with just filming and not using WiFi?

And does anyone know where you can buy hidden cameras you could attach to your lapel on a jacket type thing?

Hero 5 Session something in 7000-9000NT range. Depending on the settings, at high and nonstop recording, it can go roughly 40-50 mins. You can probably get an hour out of it at lower settings.

I saw some GP Hero 5 Sessions on ruten for under 5000NT.
I was expecting a longer life. I would like to film some footage up and down the mountains on my scooter. Are there any other alternatives?

If you want to sacrifice quality over quantity, there’s plenty of options in other action cameras like SJCAM, but I played with their low end and high end action cams and they are nothing compared to GoPro.

I haven’t been keeping up with the action cam market, but last time I checked, not too many cams will allow you to record for over an hour. You either need to charge it or change out the battery.

This is what I’m using, and I’m very happy with it:



  • Adapts to the inside of your helmet, so it’s small and low key;
  • Can record up to 6h;
  • Has a g-sensor built-in, so it turns on automatically when you put the helmet on;
  • Stops recording automatically, it it doesn’t detects movement for 3 minutes;
  • Built-in laser point, so you can aim it and adjust it precisely;
  • Large view angle


  • It doesn’t fit in all helmets, so unless you are planing to buy a new helmet too, better check it first;
  • Due to its position, the helmet’s visor can get on the way. It doesn’t affect the recording, nor the identification of other vehicles plates, tho.

Here’s a review video (check about 5:25 for the recording quality):


Cheaper here:

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