Helmet lights. A quick kit I made, plus a video "How to"

I’m pretty proud of this. It’s very simple to make and cost about $200nt in total.
revver.com/video/853730/how- … ur-helmet/

Hey T.P. nice video and music.

Did you have to drill holes in your helmet to install the lights? Or were you just using the air vents? My first thought was
“Hao Tai Ke” but actually you could probably scare the bejezuz out of the locals on a dark country road at night. Cool

I made the air holes a little bigger at the back with a 6mm drill bit. Then used epoxy putty to secure the LED plugs.
I had to drill the front, too, of course. And used epoxy, as well.

The music was written and played by my brother. Pretty good, huh!

Tai Ke! Haha. I wasn’t even thinking of that at the time. Just safety and usefulness of having a flashlight handy. Works great when trying to find a key hole!

Great idea. Not sure about the flashing red and blue. But then again, lots of people pretend to be in the emergency services here.

Not enough flashing lights on the road yet … Merry X-mas

Nice graphics on that helmet – did you do that too?

It looks dangerous to me. Are those holes in the back now, providing a possible additional fracture/failier line for the helmet? Helmets are not designed to be tampered with. And the battery pack inside the front. That looks like it could smack you in the face and cause a fair bit of damage if your helmet was struck from the rear.
If you want to be seen from behind, then get an LED cycle light and either strap it or velcro it to the rear of the helmet or clothes.

If you did a couple of layers of kevlar and/or carbon fiber reinforcement (added with heat-cured epoxy) in the areas where you added the holes, the helmet would likely end up stronger than the original, despite the holes.

But helmets are designed to fail in a predictable fashion so as to absorb the forces acting upon them without shocking the head within it above the intended levels. Adding any modification, even strengthening will alter the original design intent, thereby not necessarily making it better at all.