HELP! Auto-Scooter accident - How to get compensation

My husband (on his scooter) was hit by a car last month. Since both parties could not agree on who was at fault, the decision was made to wait for the official police report.

Today, we called the police and they said “They couldn’t find any fault with my husband. The other party was negligent in making a U-turn.”

Ecstatic with this decision, we called the other party and asked them to verify the judgement for themselves and when they would compensate us for the damaged scooter.

To my surprise, the other party said it’s not the police but another body that decides who pays what.

Does anybody know what that other body is? Is it the court?

What should we do? I feel they are just dilly dallying and it might take forever to make them pay. The amount in question is $8,600.


The other party is right. It is not a court but a committee. Talk to the police so they can guide you through this. In my opinion, $8600 isn’t worth trying to get a lawyer.

could that be the “civil arbitration committee” i’ve seen at the local district office?

Where is this “civil arbitration committee” located? Do both parties have to go at the same time?

We will be going to the Police next week to get a certificate re the findings of the accident.

it’s just something I noticed at the “qugongsuo” district office. always wondered about it but really don’t know what it is.

Ayah, would you be willing to settle for less than 8,600? I suppose you could contact the other party and offer final settlement for six or seven thousand, if you don’t want the hassle.

Still, you could actually try claiming for more than 8,600. I’ve heard that there are all sorts of things you can claim for including ‘loss of spirit’. I don’t know whether you’d get it but it might be worth trying.

Disclaimer - I have no legal knowledge and am only passing on stuff I’ve heard.

Thank you for your advice.

I wish the other party would be willing to settle even at $7,000 but she just wants to give me $2,000. This is too little!!!

Furthermore, she even accused me and my husband of being rude because we asked for the whole amount.

Where is this “qugongsuo?” We live here in Mucha. Is there one near us?

Wenshan Dist. Office, Taipei City
Add: 9F,NO.220 Section 3 Muzha Road, Taipei City , R.O.C

I think this is just part of the game-playing that goes on; a kind of psychological battle.

It sounds as if you are doing the right thing by taking this further; when this woman realises that you are serious and will not be put off, she may even offer a more serious amount of money just before the hearing.

Well, went to the district office this morning and yes, they do help settle disputes.

The guy in charge said they will call the other party for us. He even asked us to include hospital charges and salary deductions.

Looks like we’ll be getting more than $8,600. Anyway, a date has been set 2 weeks from now.

Thanks for the help everyone.

I’ve been here for a month already and the way they drive here is a joke.I won’t let my wife on a scooter for the life of me.It is a zoo.They have no

There is a way to optimise your chances, and a way to reduce damage if a mishap does happen.

The former is ‘defensive riding’. That is the frame of mind which anticipates possible tricky situations before they happen. To a certain extent, technical riding skills can help, but far more important is the mental process. It requires practice and gets better the more you do.

The latter is protective clothing. That means at least a full-face helmet costing not below 2000NT; preferably a bit more. Then a mesh summer motorcycle jacket with CE-approved armour would help. After that, boots, gloves and protective pants if you can, but the first two are the most important.

Actually, accident statistics show that women have fewer accidents than us men. What would really help your wife or anyone else gain confidence is a motorcycle safety training course. I would really love to take one at some point, but I think it will have to wait until I visit the UK, because I don’t think they are offered here; certainly not in English. At the moment, I have to restrict myself to reading up on the whole issue, and using online training such as that provided by a U.S. organization; the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, here;

Ajay72–just wondering what the outcome was with your compensation? Since, I was in a similar situation with a taxi cab, where we both fought for a space and dented eachother. Court said afterwards that I was in the wrong. The taxi driver then called me, and I told him to contact my insurance agent. Then, nothing happened afterwards…until now.