Help! can't burn files/folders with Chinese name on CD/DVD?

My computer runs US-English version of WindowsXP Professional.
There are a bunch of files and folders with Chinese names. (photos,
for example)

Whenever I try to back up the file/folder by burning them to a CD/DVD,
my burning software(Nero, Creative, and others) would not allow me
to add any files with Chinese names. I end up having to rename them
with English names.

I have a spare computer that runs on Chinese(for Taiwan) WindowsXP
Profession. It has no problem burning files with Chinese names.

Is there a work-around for burninig files with Chinese names on my
English WindowsXP computer?

Thanks in advance for any information!! :slight_smile:

I know I had a big problem with my Pocket PC. The SD card, sold in Taipei, was formatted with one Chinese character in the name. My computer refused to allow me to open it or change the name. I needed to use a registry editor to change the name of the SD card before I could save anything in its folder.

If anyone knows a solution for this problem aside from renaming all the Chinese files and folders I’d like to know.

For this I have installed Taiwan XP on a second partition on my computer. With Nero burning Chinese CDs and DVD-ROMs works fairly well then.

Will not help much now, I know :s

Best answer I can give you is to rename multiple files at the same time (Windows XP now has this function). This way you still have to give them all non-Chinese names, but if you have, say, 100 photos to rename, you only have to highlight all of them and choose rename once.

See this link for more info: … ws-xp.html

I had the same issue which I struggled with for ages! Luckily I found a solution which should suit you too.

I’m vague on the details as it’s been a while since I set this up so I’m offering two possible approaches.

  1. Try this first and see if it works.
    Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
    Under the Advanced tab, select Chinese (Taiwan) as the Language for non-Unicode Programs. If that option is not available then you will need to first go to the Languages tab and choose to Install files for East Asian languages (note that this will install about 250MB of files).

I’m not sure if you need to select anything under Code Page Conversions, but mine has lots of the Asian ones checked, including 10002 (MAC - Traditional Chinese BIG5).
You will probably need to Reboot for the changes to take effect.

  1. If that didn’t work then perhaps you have to create another User Account through the Control Panel. When setting that account up, there should be options for setting the language. Note that XP will still remain in English (or whichever language of XP you own), it’s just to allow certain programs to correctly handle Unicode characters. Now, Log Off and Log In to that new account.

If neither of those work, let me know and I’ll see if I can help out.