Help! Complicated Visa Issue

Hi All,

I have a somewhat complicated visa issue and I’m not sure what move is best. I am currently here on a student visa at the Mandarin Training Center. I have new committments and have to leave Taiwan on August 1st. My current visa ARC is good until June 4th, which is when this semester ends. Now the problem…the next semester starts in June and ends at the end of August. To get extended, I have to sign up for the whole semester and will end up wasting about a month of tuition. I need to stay in Taiwan because I have a job here that will support me until I leave and allow me to save some money.

To get a work visa, I would have to go through that long process and it isn’t really an option now. I could try to find a program that has monthly classes, but I’m not sure if I could keep my visa/ARC for that. It looks like the best option for me is to just waste the one semester of tuition (about 6,000). Does anyone else have any creative ideas? Thanks!

6,000 is cheep for an ARC. You will pay about the same for fees and health check to get a work visa.