Help getting a good night's sleep

I wake up in the morning exhausted. I mean zero energy. This has been happening for a month or so, it’s annoying. It takes forever to get the energy to do anything. Can anyone help.

When was the last time you took a vacation?

I took a week off in November. Went to Thailand and sat on the beach reading books and drinking beer. I thought I was burning out but my schedule is only 22.5 hours a week of teaching. Hmmm, I do snore maybe this is my problem.

i think you need to be more specific about your daily/nightly habits, so we can get a general idea of why you might be tired or not getting sleep. is it stress-related, too much physical exertion etc?


There are some nice natural relaxing pills that you can get. Not addictive and not weed either. On those sleepless nights I take one and it does the trick.

Beer works for me, but then not all of us fall asleep after drinking. :blush:

Learn some relaxation techniques.

I am in bed before 12 o’clock and wake up at about 7 or eight o’clock. Not much of an active person. I tend to dream alot though, maybe taking sleeping pills will help me. Alcohol makes me wired as well as other “physical” activities. My girlfriend has tried back rubs and foot rubs, the whole 9 yards nothing is really helping. [/i]

Have you considered going to a sleep clinic to be evaluated for apnea? It could have the effect you describe.

I’ve had similar problems, you may want to try exercising.

If you drink often that may also be effecting your sleep.

What about the environment where you live, a lot of noise, polluted?

Try to drink at least 2 1500 ml bottles of water per day. That should help a little.

Don’t drink coffee after noon or so. And don’t smoke cigarettes within 2 or three hours of bedtime. Also, since water allows those stimulants to function, don’t drink liquids within one hour of bed.

Don’t go for any “pills” or “sleep therapy” or any of that stuff, EVER.
I suggest to check your mattress, pillow and change if needed.
Exercise and healthy diet would do the trick. Cut as much as possible any sugar based food or drink. Let us know how you’re doing. :slight_smile:

Yes, do you live in Taiwan? :wink:

Yeah I live in Taipei county. I took some sleeping pills and they kinda worked but I do tend to have real vivid dreams. Waking up I can tell every dream I had and what happened in each one. God I will never have a good night’s sleep…