Help! How to get burnt-on plastic off electric cooker hob

I’m back from the UK. Had a lovely trip. Did a silly thing at my sister’s new apartment though. She has a kettle that looks, at first sight, to be the old-fashioned sort that you put on the hob to boil. So that’s what I did. Then I realised that it’s actually an electric kettle with a plastic base. Now some of the plastic is burnt onto the hob and my sister is worried because it’s a brand new cooker.

Please help with any ideas on how to get the burnt plastic off. The hob looks like cast-iron to me (it’s a very dark brown colour) but it may be coated with something.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you could burn it off?

If WD40 doesn’t help shift it you could try this:

[quote]“A “friend” forgot to remove the owners manual from her new stove. When she turned on the stove the plastic melted onto the interior surface. What can my “friend” do to remove the adhesive material stuck onto the surface of the oven?”

Try these techniques :

Heat really can set stains etc. However, I think that you should heat the plastic up using a hair dryer or heat gun and try to scrape up as much of the plastic as possible with a plastic scraper (so you don’t scratch the oven).

I would avoid heating the oven again since it will be hard to work at removing the stain with the oven being hot.

Remove as much of the plastic as possible. Then using a general purpose solvent applied to a cleaning towel, wipe up as much of the residue as you can. Remember that solvents are flammable so do not have the oven on, or any source of heat near you, if the oven is gas powered don’t use a solvent.

Another thing to try would be oven cleaner. Let it sit on the stain and it may remove the final residue. This stain could be hard to remove completely. If you can remove as much of the melted plastic as possible you stand a chance of removing most of the residue.

I had a “friend” leave a loaf of bread in it’s plastic bag on the toaster oven and we managed to remove the plastic and most of the color from the plastic but there still was some residue. So don’t be surprised if you can’t remove it all, just enough so you don’t have a taste of plastic every time you bake something would probably be enough. If the manual is still readable I sure your “friend” will read that you should be sure the oven is empty before starting it![/quote]

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