Help! I am useless with computers - and i've got trouble

I’m not at all technically minded, and know little about computers - so please go easy on me.

My computer has started telling me I have an illegal copy of windows. It keeps reminding me to ‘resolve’ the problem by buying a key code (or something like that).

  1. What will happen if I keep clicking on ‘resolve this later’. What problems can I expect in the future?
  2. I have a receipt and the computer is made by ASUS. Can they help?
  3. What is this key code thingy, and how much will this cost, if need be?

Anyone with the patience to explain some of this - well, it would be very much appreciated.

Yours, clueless, but willing to learn.

Something like this?

I had the same problem. I’ll send you a pm.
As far as the other prob goes, I dunno.

Look here and follow the link.
I had the same problem.
This fixes it.

Thanks all.

Microsoft have a scheme where if you grass the shop up they will validate your copy of Windows. I don’t have a link. Probably doesn’t apply to Taiwan as the first thing that would happen here is that a bogus shop would be set up, 23 million dodgy copies of Windows would be provided, and the next day there would be 23 million applications to Microsoft for validation, grassing up the by then non-existent shop.

Not that Microsoft gets any revenue from Taiwan anyway. Which explains the lack of effort put into Taiwan Windows versions.