Help! I need a christmas cd!


Don’t have or know of that one, but if you can tell me which songs were on it, maybe I can make some MP3 files to duplicate the lost tracks and send them to you. Just an idea.

If so, you better hurry, cause I won’t be up til midnight tonight.

Seeker4 - thanks but therein lies the problem. I don’t actually know what the tracks were. :help:

I think they were just instrumentals of “rudolph the reindeer” and things like that, but not sure.

This is a picture of the CD if that helps![/url]

dude why worry so much.

It’s a bat-shaped Christmas CD.

Just tell her sorry and get another Christmas CD

Here is the information about the company that made it if you need it…

peter su 
Shape CD Asia Co., Ltd. 
No. 109, Xinyi Road, Section 5 
Taipei, 100 
Tel: 011-886-2-8780-6904 
Fax: 011-886-2-8780-6492

But I would say don’t worry too much. She may be a little pissed but um. Apologise sincerely and buy her a gift to make up for it?

BTW theres no way to see a picture of the CD, theres just a link to your blog.

Maybe if you post the picture I can ask around a bit

Wow, lupillus, you’re a miracle worker! If I ever need anything, I’ll be sure to ask you.

But, I disagree about it being no big deal. If your man can’t provide the disc for Mugatu, I believe he’s in deep shit. I’ve had unfriendly coworkers too, for whom snapping a beloved bat-shaped christmas cd in two would be completely unforgivable. I suggest Mugatu keep his back to the wall, an eye over his shoulder and his hand on his valuables.

but it sounds like a cheap 2nt cd that came with a box of cereal or was passed out as a promotion thing…

I say get her a cute stuffed animal instead.

Christmas is over, any how…

Oops, I take that back lupillus. You’re not a miracle worker at all. You’re a fraud. I thought you knew what he was talking about. When I clicked on the link I saw a photo of the disc. I guess you were just playing games with him. :no-no:


I can’t see a photo of the CD. I just see someone’s blog.

You mind just posting the image on here then?

P.S. You’re mean, I’m not a fraud. Humph.

I checked out the phone number the company provided, but it was the number of the Mitsukoshi dept. store. And the address has no floor/apt number. And their website doesn’t exist. Sure is a strange company…

The picture of the CD is the first image on my blog.

It is a big deal because the CD is needed for her Christmas show on Saturday and the reason I have it was to make a copy of it because they couldn’t do so at school. The only copy we have of these songs are now destroyed.

So,yes i am screwed

Hmm. the songs on there are probably the best known christmas songs.

You can try burning some on a cd and playing them to her and asking her to pick out the ones that were on the cd. Or just humming them to her and asking her which ones they are.

Though she will hate your guts from now on, I suppose…

If there were four they’re probably:

We wish you a merry christmas
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Jingle Bells
Silent night

Santa Claus is Coming to town
Feliz Navidad
White Christmas
Silver bells
Winter Wonderland
Jinglebell rock
Let it snow
Frosty the snow man

Probably Bon Jovi’s “Backdoor Santa” was on it too. :wink: :s :unamused: :loco:

“Santa Claus is on the dole” - Spitting Image

Or maybe get him one of these as a replacement: