HELP - Intensive Mandarin Class Needed Urgently


I was wondering if you know a good Mandarin Course in Taiwan that teaches intensive Mandarin, with Northern Mainland Accent, Simplified Characters, and Pinyin.

All details mentioned above crusial…

Would love to hear from people who actually have studied such a course, and can honestly say they recommend it… (if you know what I mean…)

Thankyou !

If you want a northern Mainland accent, simplified characters and Pinyin, Taiwan is hardly the place to look.

“When in Taiwan, learn what the Taiwanese teachers know.” It might be best to go for a Taiwanese accent with traditional characters and pinyin. Thus you will learn to speak and read like the movers and shakers in the PRC. If you really want to learn bopomofo I can suggest a school to you.

How are the schools in Taipei or other parts of Taiwan for very intensive Chinese? I’m thinking of graduate studies in China and would like to learn Mandarin as fast as possible. Much of that is learning myself and figuring out ways to teach myself faster.

As for schools like the universities, not sure how they are. I should check their websites. :slight_smile:

There are certainly some courses in Taiwan that use Hanyu pinyin, and I think there are some that teach simplified characters. Taipei Language Institute, maybe. You are more likely to find such a course at a private language school than at a university.

If this is for a company you can employ me to teach an intensive course. I taught a nine-month 2-on-1 intensive course for the British Council in London, using Colloquial Chinese and supplementary materials… All I need is a respectable salary and an ARC.