Help locate stray yellow lab in Shifen (Rueifang train line)

Are you, or is anyone you know, going to be in the Shifen area (on the Rueifang mini-tourist-train line)? There is an emaciated, yet very tame and sweet, female yellow labrador that lives just by the train platform in Shifen. We saw and fed her while on a train trip through the area.
Let us know if you see her, we are thinking of planning a rescue but are in Taipei now, and need to first make a plan of action (including transport). Just let us know if you’ve seen this poor animal, or can give her some food! (yes, we’ve asked AT for help, and they don’t have any immediate solutions, so in the meantime I’m posting this in the hope of boosting the dog’s chances of survival). Thank you.

If you need a car for transport I am available. I know that area well.

Thanks for your generous offer! as we don’t have a car here. We are here until end of Feb. only - so need to plan where to put the dog (if we find her) as we are not allowed technically to keep pets in our building, & also will be out of town next week). May i get in touch with you before or after our trip regarding your assistance/schedule? thank you for your reply…

Sure, just send me a pm.

I went to Shifen on 1/29 by train to see how the dog is doing, but she was nowhere to be found in Shifen’s streets. After walking around for a few hours I gave up. I saw two other strays only, both of whom seemed to be healthy and reasonably good shape. Also asked shopkeepers if they knew where she is, no luck. I hope the yellow lab is doing alright. If I go to Shifen again it will be in mid-February. So this matter is on “standby” for now. Thanks.

You are good people. :notworthy: