Help me buy a TV

I’m looking to buy a cheap TV but am unsure what to chose or if it even matters at this price point. I’ve seen on PC Home a Heran 50"for 17,900NT, a Westinghouse 58" for 18,800NT and a JVC 50" for 16,000NT. The main differentiator that I can see is that the Heran is 4K, but I don’t have any 4K content to display. Any better recommendations? We’ll use it for Netflix, iTunes and Xbox. Ordering from PCHome wise?

I’ve returned to Taiwan after being in China and Canada for the past year +, the company apartment in China had a huge eye burning TV and my place in Canada a more modest 42". But here in Taiwan the company supplied a only 32". I don’t need a great TV just something big that I that I can sell in a year.

It’s very likely more and more services will be providing 4k in the next couple years. Go with the one that can support 4k.

Netflix has 4K content and as Andrew pointed out more and more content will become available. PChome tends to be expensive so if you have time check bricks and mortar stores in your neighbourhood for a better deal.

So I guess a 4K TV would be easier to sell. I assume all these TV’s aren’t really that great, but how is the Chinese brand Heran for quality?

Are the TV’s sold here in Taiwan compatible with 120V outlets only? Or would they also be ok to use for 220V, even without a converter?

More options from all prices:

It is 全國電子, the electronic store with the red logo. Better service and quality assureance than the yellow one.

They have the Heran 4K at 15k.

yes, we are moving to 8k Tvs as we speak. Heran is ok…you get what you pay for.

Well, unless your living room is much larger than the Taiwanese average, is not a great advantage to buy a 4k, much less an 8k TV. HDTV should be good enough and already has an awesome image quality.:2cents:
However, considering the price difference and how it it would be to resell it, 4k it’s not the worst option…:ponder:

The 4K advantage is at shorter viewing distances for a given set size. At longer differences the majority of people cannot differentiate.

Or to put it another way;

I get you’re point. You are correct regarding noticing the difference at shorter viewing distances.:notworthy:
However, considering the OP is looking to buy a 50" or 58" and the average viewing distance of 1.5~2 meters, by the first graph you shared a 1080p or Ultra HD are the recommended ones.
For justifying having a 4K you should sit at 1m away from your TV, which means that you couldn’t stretch your legs without hitting the wall or the TV stand. :noway:

Not exactly, but you’re getting the idea. The farther from the TV the average person is for a given screen size the less the pixel size matters. In a typical modern 2/3 bedroom Taiwanese apartment most people would see a difference, in a larger than average apartment most people would not, for the screen sizes mentioned by the OP.

Thanks for the help. I bought a 4K unit in a box store here and saved about $3500 off the prices I saw online. Not sure why online is more expensive here.

Now if I could only press the buy button on a sound bar I like but its 60% more expensive in Taiwan than Canada.