Help me decide~

Which one?

  • Sony PS3 - fun and games~
  • Nokia N95 - cool, suave and handy gadgets at hand~

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Well… the missus tells me I have to wait until after Chinese New Year for my birthday present… as we need to give out all those annoying red envelopes~

So now, I’m in a dilemma… I have two choices~

Sony Playstation 3…


Nokia N95…

Games Vs. Fun~

I went to the Sony Demo at Tiger City on Saturday, and was quite impressed with the 3s capabilities… seemed much better than magazines were giving an idea of~ admittedly, buying a 3 would make me also want to buy a new TV (so I can have HD) and a few games…

The Nokia N95 is fast running out… over 30 units have already been ordered in Taichung alone, with the current price about NT23,000. It’s not even being released until February. My phone is in need of replacement (well, not need, but want), but the 3 is sitting there tempting me~

So… help me decide… Sony or Nokia?

I’d definitely go for the n95.
I’d use it alot more than the PS3, and it looks incredible.
GPS! DVD quality recording! 5mp cam!
I’d wait for the price to drop a bit though.

23,000 for the N95
18,000 or so for the PS3…

30 N95s have already been pre-ordered in Taichung, meaning there may be a shortage at release time…

I had a good time with the PS3 and sold it with nice profit.

I couldn’t make this choice. How about getting the phone from your wife and buying your own PS3?

Get the phone and a Wii. Its what I would do.

Agree with chicken about the Wii part, there’s more than PS3 to consider here :slight_smile:

Neh~ my friend is getting a Wii… so I can go and play his :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking the phone, as with the little time I get these days due to kid and all that, I will probably use it a hell of a lot more… the PS3 can wait till the price drops a little or something~

Has anyone heard anything else on the N95?
Like when it’s coming out for instance?

Still no news on the N95?
I’ve seen different release dates all over the net, but no one seems to know for sure.
People are saying it could come out anywhere between now and the end of March.
Anyone here know anything about it?

The n95 is out now and being priced anywhere from 23000-29000.
Anyone got one yet?

no it’s not~ i went into the nokia dealership two days ago, and they told me it’s been pushed back to the end of May~ I’m still waiting…

:s Well that’s weird.
There are plenty of them, new and used on the Yahoo Auctions site for sale.
Maybe they’re grey market versions?

There are a few people (my wife has been checking for me - as she has to buy it) that are taking pre-orders. There are also a few that have been imported from overseas…

It appears that upon release, it’s still going to be difficult to find one for sale, as a lot of pre-orders have been placed already.

Personally, I want a local version. It seems that the GPS mapping system will be using PaPaGo, which I’m quite familiar with. Just a pity that there’s no stylus input, meaning I need to practice my BePeMe~

well… it turns out that the N95 doesn’t have English menus… I’m not paying near-on 30k for a phone that I can only half use… so I guess I will end up getting a Garmin Zumo550 instead… can use now on batteries, and when I get the new bike, it will be wired up properly~

I just played with the N95 at the Nokia shop at the New York New York shopping center in Xinyi and it does have English menues. The staff switched it from Chinese to English and it seems the phone has to reboot everytime you change the language.
Papago was installed and there was a menu item called “Maps” - not sure if it’s the same as Papago but it zoomed in on Taipei and it looked like the street names were in Pinyin. When I pressed the button labelled Papago (from another menu level) the options were in Chinese, didn’t manage to activate any map from there. Price incl. 1G memory card was given at NTD27700.

Actually I think the N95 feels a bit flimsy and personally I am not a friend of the sliding display, the more mechanics involved the more likely it is to break after extensive use.

But I had a play with the N95 myself. Neither I, nor the staff, couldn’t find any option to change the language of the phone~